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Rate My Diet!


exercise sets reps weight
bench 10 3 60 80%RM
bent over row 10 3 80%RM
squat 5 5 60 70%RM
calf raise 5 10 60%RM
chin-up 5 amap 60
dip 5 5 60 70%RM

Meal1 4 egg whites 1 whole egg peppers omelet made with olive oil, fish oil 3grams, oatmeal

Meal2 Whey Protein shake made with water. raspberries
meal3Chicken and large salad spinach, red peppers, green beans with 2tbsp dressing made from olive oil.

M4 Same as above with a serving of black beans. 3 grams fish oil.

M5Oatmeal and whey protein shake made with water. Raspberries

Workout for 1 hour full body one day then cardio the next interval on Elliptical and swimming.

M6 glass of oj and whey protein shake. berries

M7 salad and chicken or tuna fish with mayo

M8 Berries and protein shake or more chicken before bed. 4 grams fish oil

I?m not sure what the amount of calories are because I don?t have a food scale. But I?m full all day so its not like I?m starving. What should I add or delete from my diet? Any suggestions? I also supplement with creatine, multi-vitamin, 50 mg?s Ephedra and 3 stacker 2(caffeine) pills a day. I also drink a lot of coffee during the week because of the job I do. Do i need to do more isolation excersizes? To much for one day? Any input will be greatly appreicated


THe 60's that are in my workout is amount the rest i take between sets. every other exersizes i superset together