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8:00am- omlet with veggies, bowl of oatmeal, fat free yoplay blueberry yogurt, 2 pieces wheat toast, orange juice, skim milk
11:00am-protein shake and banana
2:00pm-big 100, skim milk
pre-workout-protein shake(or no-shotgun when i decide to buy some)
post-workout-protein shake, banana
7:00-chicken/turkey/fish whichever, some type of veggies or pasta, skim milk
10:00-quart of skim milk


Height/weight/goals/BF%/training sample please


First thing people will want to know... your diet for what? What are your goals?

Further, you may want to throw some quantities in there, like 6 egg omlet. You "diet" could be 2000 calories or 5000 calories... god only know.


try mixing half a pound of cottage cheese in that last meal


and I like that big breakfast, how much eggs do you eat?


Answer my question first! please please please!


yeah my bad....
ill restart

19 years old
8% bf

Goal within next 6 months
8% bf

My goals are both bodybuilding and strength I only want to gain lean muscle though.
Honestly im not sure exactly how many calories i eat per day

8:00am- 6 egg omlet with veggies, big bowl of oatmeal, fat free yoplay blueberry yogurt, 2 pieces wheat toast, orange juice, 1 glass skim milk
11:00am-50 g protein shake and banana
2:00pm-big 100, skim milk
pre-workout-50 g protein shake(or no-shotgun when i decide to buy some)
post-workout-50 g protein shake, banana
7:00-i think about 10 oz of eaither chicken/turkey/fish whichever, some type of veggies or pasta, 2 yoplay blueberry yogurts, 2 glasses skim milk
10:00-quart of skim milk

my workout-
monday-heavy bench, chest, biceps, cardio
tuesday-squats, quads, shoulders, abs
weds- back, triceps, cardio
thursday-light bench, chest, biceps, abs
friday-hamstrings, shoulders, abs
saturday-deadlifts, back, biceps

i alternate doing squats and deadlifts every week because i just cant do that type of work two times a week im always sore for a few days after each of those lifts.

anything else?


well, looks about right. hows your energy level, pretty good?


those are egg whites by the way


yeah id say its pretty good..at least while im working out


If you keep eating like this, I don't see why you won't be able to achieve those 6 month goals within 3 months. Possibly add a scoop of casein or some cottage cheese before bed.

My 2 cents.


You could probably gain a hell of a lot more than 5 pounds in 6 months at age 19 mate.

not very lofty goals.....

Is there a reason you don't want to be any bigger than 190?


5 pounds of all muscle i mean...i actually got my bodyfat and weight tested today turns out im actually 189 with 7% bodyfat so i guess my goal now is 195


when you reach that you'll want higher, learn from this lesson that much.

diet doesn't look too good to me, be nice if I could have those stats by eating what you do


ok, so any reason why your goal is only to gain 5 pounds of "all muscle" in 6 months?

I'm not giving you shit, i'm just generally interested. Like i say, not very lofty goals.


Something doesnt look right to me..

Im not even sure your diet gets you 3000 cals/day , that or im missing something. Yet, 5'9 189lbs at 7%bf is pretty good..

Squatting 500 at that weight would make you pretty damn strong..

Thing is, someone with your stats and/or lifts would know pretty damn well what he's doing but.. your diet doesnt really reflect that..

No offense but to me you're either a very lucky guy with godly genetics ... or ur full of shit


I'd go with the latter.


my thoughts


Hey there! Giving the troll the benefit of the doubt so to speak.


I was thinking the same.


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