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Rate My 'Diet'

Since I started lifting about 3 months ago, I’ve really cleaned up my diet, but wanted to see what the resident gurus around here think. I eat more or less the same thing every day.
As a forewarning, my schedule is a little bit off from a normal person’s, so don’t think I sleep in late etc because I’m lazy, it’s not. I start work @ Noon and often finish around midnight, so my sleep schedule is just pushed forward about 3 hours from a normal person’s.
Currently trying to gain mass, but eat mostly clean calories

Wake up - 10:30am, eating by 10:45
3-4 eggs, scrambled, 1 bowl oatmeal with brown sugar, 1 orange
Sometimes substitute this for french toast(treat meal)

Large salad, cucumbers, red peppers, mixed greens and balsamic vinaigrette with 2 chicken breasts

4pm(on the way home from the gym on days I’m there)
Protein Shake, 1-2 pieces of fruit(apple/banana/orange)

12" Grilled Chicken Sub on whole wheat. Only lettuce/tomato/bbq sauce(lightly)

2 grilled chicken breasts, some vegetables(broccoli, red peppers, red/yellow zucchini) and a baked potato(plain)

Protein Shake, 1-2 pieces of fruit(apple/banana/orange)

Casein Protein shake(this is new, used to be 3 eggs)
Sleep immediately

There’s a few things I know I could clean up a little, but they’re not much of an option at the moment. A sweet potato(yam) instead of a white potato would be better, but I work at a restaurant and that’s my “mid-shift” meal. They don’t have sweet potatoes so I don’t eat them when I’m there. I do have them at home though, for my occasional night off. Some of the timing of the food is a little off as well, but I need to eat around my work schedule so it’s a little tough. Usually work from about 12-2:30, gym from 3-4ish, then home to shower/change and back to work at 5:30 until around 11:30.

Anyways, this is turning into a bit of a novel so I’ll end it here. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!