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Rate My Diet Please


I'm a full-time college student, small school- not a lot of leeway when it comes to meals. What they make is what I eat. No cooking equipment except microwaves are allowed in the rooms.

Breakfast: 2-3 egg omlette with lots of ham, cheddar, glass of chocolate milk
Snack: 2 granola bars, 2oz pack of starkist albacore
Lunch: Varies between a chicken caeser salad or some form of sub (usually roast beef or turkey)
2 hours pre-workout I have a peanut butter and honey sandwhich
15 minutes before I have a Muscle Milk RTD
After the workout I have 2 scoops of Muscle Milk powder and a scoop of Luecine in 16 oz of whole Lactaid milk
I usually get back to school too late for dinner so I end up having to buy a packaged dinner from Wal Mart or something

I'm 5'10", 155. Workouts on MWThF.


You didn't add up the kcal, protein, and carb totals.

Try doing that first.

You're underweight.

You're food choices are not bad, but you need some adjustments in the diet.


Actually you're not that underweight according to CLINICAL standards. You're 97% of the lower end of the ideal bodyweight (IBW) for someone your height. But that goes without saying because IBW should only apply to those who don't lift weights or don't care for gaining muscle or athleticism like yourself.

Everything you're eating is very good, with the exceptions of chocolate milk and granola, which are "OK".

We just don't know what everything adds up to.

What is available at Walmart?

Every fast food joint these days has something healthy to order. You can get something decent at a diner or a deli but that might rack up some bills for a college student with little money.


My guess is that you probably need to about double your total calories and then maybe you will see some gains.

Do you have a fridge in the room? If so, make cottage cheese (the whole kind) your best friend. Hard boiled eggs can be purchaced pre-cooked at most delis, or learn to eat raw eggs.

Stock up on nuts, olive oil (you can take shots), and canned tuna. Add some fresh fruit for variety.


If you live in the dorms you can easily nab smaller people and eat them every couple of days. A 135 lb guy will feed you for about two days if you know what yer doing. Don't throw away the vital organs as they are rich in nutrients.

Seriously though my first suggestion is to ditch the muscle milk which is too expensive imo. If it's out of convenience that's another story.

A small fridge is only about $75 brand new or check craigslist and get a nice deal. Microwaves aren't too expensive either. This is where you should start.


I lol'ed at your first paragraph. My only issue with the fridge is that I have to share it with my roommate, and it can't be above certain dimensions. Usually when I go to Wal Mart I just get a frozen meal and make it in the microwave.

Just ran my foods through FitDay, 2768 calories. 272c/174p/110f, breaks down as 40c/25p/35f. I'd like to flop my fat and protein ratios


In my opinion you are going wrong with your evening meal. Frozen ready meal cooked in a microwave?? Might as well eat a dog turd. Do you have access to boiling water? Make pasta, add tuna and then pesto to flavour. Done in 6 minutes. Id do 4 raw eggs in a glass with milk before i touched microwaved food or ready meals everytime.


(assuming your goal is to fill out your frame)

For starters, train hard and push yourself but keep cutting your workout shorter and shorter until you can always get back to school for dinner. And eat well.

You'll eventually want to also train hard and make progress on those precious weekend days, but again, you've always gotta get back in time for dinner.