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Rate My D.F.B


hey.. just the one pic .. 172 cm 92-94 kg here.. 36 yrs old

I welcome any comments



What about the legs ?


Very nice! Massive forearms!

Would love to see more pics tho. Back, legs...


thx :slightly_smiling:

legs?...I still have them ;op..

seriously I will post a pic when I have it..:slightly_smiling:


Definitely impressive!


thx.. but massive...not a chance.. maybe the small pic size makes you look bigger..anyway I vil post some more photos..


looking great man, what are your lifting numbers?


I never do 1 rep max.. its not safe in my age..haha


Well, if not 1RM, what is your normal training program like? Diet?


usually i pyramid the weight up, keeping my reps 6-8.. ending the workout with somekind of drop set for the pump.. like..chest: benchpres 60,80,100kg, then 130-40-150 kg for around 6 reps(sometimes i do go as low as 3) ,3-4 worksets, then 2-3 work sets of incline DB pres with 47-50kg for 6-8 reps.. finish with dropset cable cross + pushups for the pump / burn

diet is just whatever i want with shakes added to it..pretty basic..not crap foods but not totally strict either..
i do supp with R-ala,creatine, sometimes BCAA (pre,peri),caffeine (pre), whey,fishoil, and on off ginseng,Q10.. tried other stuff ofcourse.. the blue TRIBEX was nice..

nothing fancy or special about it..


Look great. For some reason, your biceps while look great, seem to look small on your body and even in comparison to your huge forearms.
I'm just nitpicking though, better physique than me by far


well im "blessed" with short muscleheads and long tendons in most places, so my "huge" forearms are pretty pathetic when I stretch my arms.. its the same with bi and tri,and theyre so damn hard to grow for me.. :frowning: when I get other shots uploaded you can probably see what I mean..


looking awesome man.


Good work..If I may say so


Nice bro!


9 for the body, 10 for the shaved head.

nice forearms, good job


natural or drugged?


Looking good, and you're getting seriously washed out in that picture, imagine that some proper lighting and a tan would do you wonders.


does it matter?
hard work is hard work
at his old age (im 31 )
its very easy for him to have worked out for 20 years give or take.
this question is stupid because either way he has put in time under the bar.


backshot from same day