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Rate My Cycle Please


8 week cycle to get shredded.

-- Cycle --
4iu Serostim HGH E/D
100 mg Test Prop E/O/D
75 mg Tren Ace E/O/D
Proviron 50mg E/D
HCG 250iu X 2 Each Week

-- PCT --
Nolva - 40/20/20/10
Clomid - 100/50/20/10

-- Diet --
Very similar to Dave Palumbo Keto Diet.

What do you think, I'm 210lb, with 5 years training experience and I've been on 3 cycles in the past. Please give me feed back guys


Bump before I buy!


Please, anyone ?


8 weeks of HGH, is there much point to this?


Sorry, the HGH is for 6 months, I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't conflict the cycle.


Inject the drugs every day. And get an AI. Proviron is not an ai.


Majority of my clients do not actually have any estrogen sides at 350 mg/week of test. Orals are much harsher in that regard.


this may be true, but someone should always have an AI, Estrogen sides are an individual thing,I know people that get bloated like no other after 250 a week of test


Arimidex or letro?

Also will a small dose of 12.5mg t3 help too due to the effects hgh and tren has on the thyroid? (Mixed views online)