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Rate My Cycle/PCT Recommend

hey all, would appreciate it if you share your opinion about my cycle stack + recommend

Aim: loose fat/dry muscle body

HGH Pens 4 Units per day
Ephedrine 30mg
Turnibole oral 30mg
Proviron 25mg
( i do take my share of vitamines and liver protection pills)

Been running HGH for a month and on ephi/Tbol/pro for a week, will run tbol for 6 weeks and ephi for 2 months till last day of HGH.

what do you guys think of my stack?
ive been told proviron is enough for the cycle/protection, but been reading on forums that nolva and clomid is needed after the cycle.

noob here… take it easy :slight_smile:


What are your stats? Cycle history? Training? Diet? At first glance, I don’t like your stack, no offsense.

your cycle looks kinda weird man…

HGH and ephedrine? Would you not be better just running the usual 500mg of test E for 12 weeks?

sorry for the late reply.

im at 172LB,5’8 this is my 1st cycle…workout 6 days a week with a low carb/fat high protein diet.

lost 101 pounds and struggling with bad loose skin so i choose this cycle on my own less side effects.

im hoping you guys could tell me what to use for PCT afterwards…


i still think it’s weird

share your input rds, this is my 1st cycle which i selected. tell me what im doing wrong .


[quote]rds63799 wrote:
i still think it’s weird[/quote]


Well just a thought but the best way to fix loose skin is to become larger. I know before what made u larger was alot of bf but what you wanna do is add some muscle under that way your skin will tighten up a bit. think about it man. say u ran some test and gained 15lbs and kept 10 thats a huge ammount of mass that is now under your skin. All ephedrine will do is make your problem even worse because it supressed your appetite causing more weight loss.

Id say stick with what you got, the hgh should help as well as the Tbol. But next time keep it simple. Test is BEst

Keep Low carb but bump the cals up over maintenance, squats and dead lifts etc power stuff, the more plates on the bar the more muscle weight u put on.

t3 low dose(12.5-25mcg) to keep body fat down

Run it for the 6 weeks, do a simple pct starting week 7 for 3 weeks and if u can, keep running the GH through PCT

If thats the gear you have available is what i would do.
If your prone to getting fat consider metformin, great for improving insulin sensitivity(good when on GH), help shuttle any carbs away from fat and stay on it all the time not just for cycles.