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Rate My Cycle and Let Me Know If It's Safe

-13 to 15 percent body fat

  • 3-4 cycles under my belt ( all for bulking ) but all were at a very low dose so they were just ok
  • Training for 6 days a week and doing cardio daily for 40 minutes
  • I am only 167 cm and weighing roughly 84 kgs and around 13-15 percent body fat ( started lifting roughly 5 years ago ( on and off and my weight has increased from 62 kg to 96 kg then I am cutting naturally until reached my current weight of 84kg
  • My diet is roughly 1800 calories ( 200 gram of p , 50 g of fats and 150 grams of carbs )
    -never used TREN before so I am thinking to do
    week 1 to 10 test p 100 mg eod or 100 mg twice a week
    week 1 to 10 Masteron 100 mg eod or 100 mg twice a day
    week 1 to 8 tren a 50 mg EOD and may be 75 after week 5 if all good
    week 5 to 10 winny 50 mg ed ( oral )
    cabergoline ( Dostinex ) 0.5 mg twice per week
    Aromasin 12.5 mg every second day
    three days after my last injection
    clomid and nolva for 4 weeks ( I just need the exact doses )
    I have access to Hcq but not sure if I am gonna run it or not ( different opinions, some use it during PCT and other use it during the cycle and some don’t even know about it )

Is that a safe cycle? I am a short guy so I am happy with my size, crazy arms, wide shoulders, v taper( can see it when I pull my fat away lol ), wide chest but big belly and the love handles are killing me

please help me