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Rate My Campus Guest Poser Physique


This dude came to my alma mater to guest pose for the country's best tertiary bodybuilding event. Apparently he is also the bodybuilder of that year.

  1. He's off season. I bet he leans up to crush the under 100lbs class.


I can imagine this thread filling with comments as stupid as the ones on YouTube if people were to critique a guest poser.


How about this one?


Obviously the guy's not in anywhere close to contest shape, plus, those look to be some pretty poorly chosen still images you tossed up (not even hitting any particular poses). I take it OP that you're not a fan of the guy. As a competitor myself, I certainly wouldn't guest pose at this level of conditioning, but unless you really make your income via bodybuilding means, you don't have much of a reason to stay so lean and deprive yourself year round.

In contest pics, the guys looks pretty good.



yeah! he is not bad when on season. respect man. he isnt that young. i was shock when my junior showed me his pic. lol!!!