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Rate My Calves Please


What do you think ? Never worked them by the way.


About your statement? Fucking stupid.


fascinating tale chap



Well, this is silly


i didnt suriously mean they are bigger then my thighs -_- but lol they are big :smiley:


What do i think? You need to start squatting and deadlifting more my friend... But as for the calves, I hate genetics lol


That right one looks fucked up. But good Calf genetics. You definitly need to start hitting those thighs though


they make your hammies look non-existent...


That's because they are non-existent...


You joined just to post this? Go be worthless somewhere else.


Muscular Distrophy?

Freakishly over-developed calves compared to the the rest of the body is fairly common in the early stages of this condition.


Nice first post on T-Nation.

So let me take a stab at how the conversation went that led you here:

Your friend: Hey, there is this cool weightlifting website called "T-Nation". It is sweet.

You: Really, that is awesome. I'll go take a look. Hey do you think they would be impressed with my awesome physique?

Your friend: For sure! You should totally put a picture of you calves on there. You are going to get so much praise.

You: Yeah, I am so awesome. I don't even workout these sweet-ass calves. Those dudes are going to be so jealous!

Your friend: Yeah....can I rub oil on your calves? You know, for the picture?




Don't worry about the haters. Small calfs are just about the most common weakness that BBers complain about.

For untrained calfs I give you 10, but there appears to be some asymmetry issues.

Do you walk up stairs on the balls of your feet? That's one of the ways my calfs got to be big in comparison to my hams/quads. I've been doing it deliberately for years. Now I'm squatting/deadlifting to try to get my quads/hams to catch up.


U natty bro?