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Rate My Body Before Weight Loss Journey

What are we supposed to rate; how your body accumulated fat?

You look like you’re overweight and in need of a lifestyle change. I’d start a thread in beginners asking for help, then take the advice and create a log so people can follows Long.

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You have a ways to go but if you arm yourself with knowledge that you get from this site(beginners) and if you have the will power you can do it .

what is the point of this comment? why revive a 6 month old thread just to insult someone with one post on the site, and was clearly posting a ‘before’ pic anyway? are you so insecure that this makes you feel good about yourself?


I like how he withdrew his comment too. Fucking morons. Especially since you can still see the comment after. They get so embarrassed, try to hide the evidence and can’t.