Rate My Body. Been at it Since May

hello…im new to this whole bodybuilding thing… ive been inspired by my bro who is 32 years old 6’1 and 275 lean
i wanna be bigger than him…well muscle mass wise cuz im 5ft4
well here i am before, this was in april

this is my back pose thing

alright enough of that here i am now…im 175 coming from 130
im a bit fatter i know…i need to start cutting soon

front double


Well, before the flames come, I will say that at least you didn’t abandon the bulk at the first sign of fat gain. That’s more than I can say for the majority of people. Being able to do that is going to help you make more progress in the long run.

Maybe the diet could be cleaned up slightly, but I definitely wouldn’t cut any time soon if I were you. Don’t get stuck in the loop of never ending short bulks and cuts, or you’ll never make any progress.

my legs are 24s…i know there small but i started at 19s so…i guess thats good progress?

i know im not going to cut now…im trying to be 200 lean one day…and cutting bulking cutting aint gunna get me there cuz ill just end up loosing more muscle mass than gaining in the end
maybe at 190 or 200? which will be around feb maybe ill cut at…prob get down to 170 lean idk

not flexing…sorry about all the hair so you really cant see nothing

If you want to be 200lbs lean, you’re not going to want to cut until you’re about 230lbs-ish, IMO, while still being fairly lean. If you want to be a lean, ripped, cut, whatever 200lbs, why bother cutting any time before then? You’re going to have to be heavier than your actual goal weight to actually cut down to it. Just keep bulking, and don’t worry about cutting. Besides, you might end up getting to 200lbs, and realize that it’s not as big as you hoped.

haha take a pic of yourself when your 230 lbs, i wanna see it. 5 foot 4 230lbs with a shitty diet=FATASS.

bulk fail. i wonder if the wholesale size box of Cheez-Its and McDonalds reminents on the bed have anything to do with it…hmm?

see i eat clean, just i add 500 calories every week or 2 i dont gain weight…im at about 4500-5k right now which will get you fat…and i think its

just ive gained weight so fast…plus in the beginning i had no idea what i was doing cuz i got some routine out of a magazine(never doing that again)…so like i got to 140 and was fatter…didnt get stronger or anything
i got fatter…then my bro finally came over and said wtf is wrong with you(throws routine at me) do that shit and since i went

from 130 to 175 since may its been like 5 months theres no doubt theres going to be alot of fat gain
although really it wasnt that much i dont think…12% to 15 or 16% aint bad for gaining 45 pounds in less that a half a year which most people cant do in a whole year IMO

btw 200 at 5ft4 is lee priest
even though he juiced but w.e

[quote]Backfl1p wrote:
haha take a pic of yourself when your 230 lbs, i wanna see it. 5 foot 4 230lbs with a shitty diet=FATASS.


If he wants to be 200 lean, why would he cut at 190? I mean, I know I’m doing the math in my head and all, but WTF?

Ghetto - Keep eating, maybe a bit cleaner, but certainly keep eating. Keep hammering your legs, and get a hair cut.

Your doing fine, and you have youth on your side. Don’t fuck up your goals and waste the most productive time of your life because you might be a bit fatter than the next guy. If your getting stronger, and bigger, your doing what you need to.

Now get back to the gym slacker… Ha Ha

What made you decide to post pics in RMP. You had to know you were going to get a low rating.

That absolutely doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bulk until you get to your goal, but you do not have a physique worth posting on the internet at this point.

Your chest and legs need more work.

Judging by how soft you look in your front pics and how much leaner you look in your back shots I’d say you could benefit with keeping the cals the same but tweaking your carb/protein ratio.

I completely understand that if you want to weigh 200 pounds at 5’4 you will have eat a ton. But with your body type it’s likely that youre going to look pretty sloppy

The lee priest comparison is pretty silly. In that picture he is probably around 5% bodyfat. That means he would be carrying 190 of LBM. In your pics you are upwards of 15% bf meaning you are carrying about 140 pounds of LBM. Take that for what it’s worth. You will be a monster though if you manage to throw 50 pounds of LBM on your frame.

Ok…add in some cardio, control carbs on off days, toss out junk food, up the intensity and volume and continue your bulk. Just realize that its going to take a while before you have the physique you want to have.

Yes, you will likely be a fatass if you go to 230 at your height naturally, so reset your upper limit for your bulk a bit.

hey thats my goal
ive only been working out for 5 MONTHS…i just posted to see if thats like good progress or whatever and

im not going to be there right now or in the near future. at least not till my 20s then ill be a 200-220 pound monster with 22 inch guns i guarantee that…and

at least im bigger and stronger than the sticks on here tht post and i have 25 pounds of fat coming from 18

all that fat went to my stomach but i had a gut at 140 pounds i can post that if you people want cuz i really did i was fat when i was 140y…and my chest was 36 starting out 5 months ago…so i grew it 8 inches in 5 months…itd prob be 42 or 41 if i was cut

and i know my chest is lagging i have 52 inch shoulders and a 43 inch chest…it dont look to well

my legs are growing tho. and i can put a sample diet if you want
i dont eat shit like most bodybuilders

Also, be reasonable. Getting to 190 cut at 5’4" naturally sounds great on paper, but lets face it…not gonna happen. Bulk up some more, give yourself an upper limit of 200 odd pounds and try to exhaust the natural alternatives:

creatine, Se7en/methoxy, animal M stak, TRIBEX, etc etc etc. FIsh oil, zinc and fenugreek/R-ALA and cinnamon, apple cider vinegar (alternative to costly HCL) yada yada yada.

Whats your training like? diet? lifts? Give us these and we can point you in the right direction. The good news is that it won;t take a ton of effort to look impressive at 5’4".

I think you look really good for 5 months. Keep it up.