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Rate My Blood Results - Test, SHBG, TSH etc

Hey guys!

First my stats:
23years, Male

DL: 130kg
Squat: 90kg
Bench 60kg

For a long time i have been suspecting myself to have low natty test.
The suspicion is because:

A) I have been lifting regularly in more than 3 years (2 years hard training, normal diet - 1 year hard training and very good diet), but haven’t made any significant gains other than going from 27% BF to 13%BF during this period. For the last year i have been going hard at it in the gym. At least 4 days a week, never less than 170g protein every day and a minimum of 3000kcal, though i normally hit 3500. While losing bodyfat seems to be easy, i have not been able to build any noticeable muscle mass - even with the use of SARMs (specifically LGD).

B) I have all the symptoms of low natty test. Really low sex drive as well as fewer and weaker erections, unable to gain muscle, depressive tendencies, insomnia and brain fog.

Because of the above, i went to my doctor, who immediately marked me as a retard. But i held my ground, and eventually i persuaded her to do the bloodtests on me.
Today i got the results. All the doctor (who by the way seems to know nothing about testosterone, at all) said, was that ‘i am not to worry, everything is fine’.

Since i couldn’t make her talk to me about the results in detail, i come to you, to get some opinions on the results.
I have attached the papers to the thread.

I look forward to hear some science based explanations, and hopefully, get many opinions that will give me a better insight into the results, other than ‘you’re fine’.

I will give any info you need - feel free to ask.

Oh yeah, sorry the results are in Dutch. I live in NL at the moment.


Think you’ve got the best Testosterone levels I have ever seen complaining about libido or erection issues. Levels are higher than mine on TRT.

TSH is not optimal and that might be causing “some” problems. You can use oral body temps to see if you have Low thyroid function. Look for 98.6 midday.

Other than that your T levels are remarkably high.

I appreciate your reply!

Yes, it seems that my T-levels are all in order, except from SHBG and TSH. I must say i did not expect to have 734ng/dl of test. The result really puzzles me, as i have no idea what i am doing wrong, gains-wise. I was hoping test was it.

I’ll try and take my temperature every day, midday to see if im around the 98 fahrenheit / 36 celsius.

What about SHBG tho? It definitely seems in the low end, and as i understand, this is not positive in relation to my total and free test.

What do you mean? Your SHBG is perfect! Higher SHBG is bad for T levels and is linked with lower bio available T. Too Low is also bad, your SHBG is perfect and ideal as what we want in TRT cases. Your T is perfect. SHBG bound T is not available for the body to use, ideally we wan high normal TT with SHBG around 20-25 when doing TRT. You already have those numbers.

I have read several places, that low SHBG is not directly proof of high bio-available test. It may also indicate liver issues.

But anyway, you live you learn.

So i guess i have to start over in my search for why i am not getting the gains for the work i am doing.

Edit: temperature atm is 98.24F. Time is 15:25 EET

Your SHBG is not low… as Equalo said… its damned good. Sorry, but your lifting progress may just be genetics (assuming you are training properly). You are young and may just be a hard gainer. For hard gainers with low body fat I recommend reading up on Strong Lifts 5x5. Google it. The 5x5 is a good program and stuff calories down your face like its your job. Most men still look very good and lean at 15-18% body fat and you are below that so you could sacrifice a little to put on some pounds!

Gym gains are very vague reason to suspect T problems. Hypogonadism is a serious condition and you need to respect this as well. Severe depression, mood swings and fatigue are common symptoms. Your lack of gains could be from your inadequate training program, over training, your macro breakdown, genetics among other things.

My reason to saying this is that, it is a serious medical condition and something that leads to severe problems and managing TRT is no piece of cake. Simplifying your lack of results in the gym and “hoping” T was the reason is disrespectful and short sighted. I wouldn’t wish this on my enemy.

Thank you for taking the time to comment! :slight_smile:

Alright, then i will try taking my temperature at midday every day, and if i am at the magical 98F, my thyroid is also fine.

I am already doing Texas method, which is sort of like SL 5x5 (which is actually the first program i used). 3 workouts a week, Monday: heavy 5x5, Wednesday: Light volume day, Friday: New pr day, Repeat.

I will keep eating and hopefully as i progress with strength, the muscle mass will start showing. I am also, like you say, not worried about gaining a few % of BF to get there. :slight_smile:

In that case, i apologize for the ‘disrespect’ - however it was not intended.

I realize that TRT is bad news, and not a good thing. But you must also respect that my reason for ‘hoping’ for a bad test level, is simply that i am frustrated and feel totally helpless.

I have been doing everything right, as far as i can tell. I have spent years reaching my current stats, which by the way is not very impressive, even with my low body weight taken into account.
I eat right, and a lot. But i may have been overtraining in my pursuit, and frustration of the missing results.

Yes, I can understand and it’s only natural to be curious and a blood test to see where your levels are at do no harm. I used these words to make you understand that it’s not a fun thing and your complaints can be from a lot of reasons and you’re lucky to have these levels so you can concentrate on other factors that can make your training produce better results. Gym results are only 10 percent of the story of T story. I can squat 315, bench 215, DL-340 at 164 lbs and have Low T so it’s not the only factor.

I see your point for sure.

Thank you very much for the insights - as you may have noticed by now, i have tried to make my research, but ultimately, knowledge is why i came here.

I intend to continue my search for muscle mass, at least now i dont have to worry about T levels.

I have been recommended to get a psychological eval, to determine if maybe some of my symptoms are caused by a unddiagnose minor depression.

How are your other symptoms that made you think that you have hypogonadism? How’s your libido? Get fatigued easily? How do you respond to stress? How are morning and nocturnal erections? Do you feel cold? Dry skin?

Aside from the low libido, all other symptoms could be mild depression. Unfortunately SSRIs only make most libido issues worse. It sounds like your work out program is solid. At only three days, you wouldn’t be over training. In fact, at your age, you could train more. There was just an article here on TNation how a 4 day routine was seen as optimal by most pro coaches. I personally didn’t gain any size until I was in my late 20s. I started lifting at 17 and I am only 5’7". I didn’t even hit 155lbs until I was about your age and now at 34 I’m a solid 180lbs after working out 17 years.