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Rate My Beginner Program


I have started weightlifting seriously about 2 months ago. I have been following rippetoe's beginner strength program, but i have made a few adjustments. I have been working out 3 days a week.

Week 1:

Week 2:

Workout A:
3 X 6 Squat
3 X 6 Bench
3 X 6 Deadlift
3 X 6 Dips

Workout B:
3 X 6 Front squat (added a couple weeks ago, replacing back squats)
3 X 6 Military press
3 X 6 Barbell row
3 X 6 Incline press
3 X 6 Pullups

I have been wonder about doing more/less sets or reps and the addition of farmer walks. I have started doing walks with a wheelbarrow loaded with weights. Any suggestions?


I would advise that you stick to the program as written. I dont see the need for incline press's and if i remeber correctly from the Starting Strength book Rippetoe says himself that if you do the flat bench and overhead press you dont get much additional benefit from them.


It looks good to me. Just be sure to stick to it for a good amount of time and be patient.

BTW, what are your stats, goals, how you eat?


I haven't tried an all out max, but i can put up my lastest workout.

Bench: 145 X 6
Squat: 175 X 6
Deadlift: 190 X 6

Goal: single digit bodyfat

I'm beginning to start watching what I eat now, it's a work in progress


Like quest 4 strength said stick to the program as its been written, there's a genuine reason it was written that way
keep us up to date with how you are progressing.


You should revise this goal to something more useful even if its just "Single digit bodyfat at ______ bodyweight" otherwise this goal seems rather meaningless.