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Rate My Back Pic

It Isn’t Fully Flexed

Solid upper back and definition. Small lats, likely due to not activating them properly (wide grip pulldowns or pull-ups, for example, with flared elbows, use the upper back, not the lats).

Yeah im just wondering what should i eat to givr me the most protein im trynna go for mass

Lean meat.

How much protein do you currently eat? And how many calories?

And when you say “mass”, I assume you mean muscle?

“Rate my biceps. I’m not really flexing them though.”


Dude, posting a pic during the middle of a rep is no way to get a “rating” of anything worthwhile.

In general though, yes it seems like you’re on the skinnier side with no real lat muscle to speak of.

What’s your current height and weight?

How are you currently eating?

How are you currently training?

What’s your actual specific goal?


Looking pretty buff and hairless Chris. I need your training secrets.

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I’ve literally never been described with any of those words. That’s how we know it’s not a picture of me.