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Rate My 8 Week "Cutting" Phase? :-)

Hey Guys!
I posted last night about an upcoming meet and decided I would be dropping to the <308 weight class to prepare. I have 32 weeks, so I will be doing 4 rotations of cut/maintain/cut/maintain. I plan on losing ~2 lbs/week. Keep in mind that I’m 340 with approx. 35% BF (120 lbs fat +/-)

Here is my first 8 weeks.

Week 1
D1: 3x5@9 (81.1%) = 295
D5: 2x5 @8 (78.6%) =285
D2: 5x1 (75%) =275
D4: 5x1 (80%) =290
D6: 5x1 (85%) =310

Week 2
D1: 3x3@9 (86.3%) = 315
D5: 2x3 @8 (83.7%) =305
D2: 3x1 (85%) =310
D4: 3x1 (90%) = 325

Week 3
D1: 3x2@10 (92.2%) =335

D4: 2x1 (92.5-95%) = 335-345

Week 4 (DELOAD)
D1: 3x5@8 (78.6%) =285
D4: 2x5 @7 (76.2%) = 275
D2: 5x1 (65%) = 235
D4: 5x1 (70%) = 255
D6: 5x1 (75%) = 275

What do you think? I feel like it might me too much intensity, but I know i need to maintain strength. The meet is Bench/DL/Strict Curl only, so no squats?

Thanks again, everyone!

You’re massively over complicating this. Pick a program, set your calories at a small deficit (200-300 calories a day) and leave it at that. With 32 weeks I’d say either a 531 variation or Cube.

EDIT definitely squat. Where or how you train the strict curl I have less of an idea. Given either 531 and Cube run for days a week you’ll probably be OK to add a fifth day dedicated to the curl, while doing curls on a couple of other days as assistance.

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Low volume + caloric deficit = muscle loss. Keep volume high when you are cutting, drop volume and increase intensity for your maintenance phases. And I can’t think of a good excuse not to squat, even if you only care about your deadlift it’s probably the best deadlift assistance exercise and (for 99% of people) it’s easier to recover from so you will be able to handle more volume. If you are going to do something like what MarKKO said (Cube or 531) then adjust volume by adding/reducing assistance work.

Sounds good. I’m thinking about going conjugated instead. Whatever keeps me