Rate My 19 Y/O Physique.



another one



how about a leg shot or just something that isn’t accentuating your abs

Yea sorry to tell you this but most of the people on here arent going to be impressed by that simply cuz there main basis is size. could definatly use more chest, tricep and delt development. Mid section looks good but its cuz your fairly lean. Is this genetic or do you follow some sort of diet or cardio plan to stay at that weight? Most of these pix just show off ur abs and outside of that theres nothing really to c. Keep at it, be warned ur probably gonna get flammed by several people.

I’m not gonna flame you but you need to show some more adaquate pics. All you are reall showing is your abs and while you are very lean it would be nice to be able to rate other things as well.

Whats your diet? Workout routine? I gave you a generous 4.

I didnt mean to be an ass i just wanted to see some pics that had variety to show the whole physique

Yeah guys… i totally understand where you’re coming from… you wanna see it all instead of guy just posting pics of the girl getters…ahah… i just had those pics laying around i decided to see what everyone thought… ive made progress… i lift for basketball mainly… i lift for strength and more compound lifts and heavy weights now… buttt… like shannon sharpe… t.o… and other guys… i train like a body builder too… as in looking for size with higher reps and such. Like they say… do these muscles help you? no probably not… but in my own head it makes me feel i perform better… and if i got my main lifts which are all heavy compound lifts explosively… the rest is all mental to me and keeps me on point.

but yea… sorry i dont got any other pics for legs or anything. I hope u guys see where im comin from with postin these… pics i had layin around… wanted to see what yall thought about them. Train insane… or remain the Same!