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Rate Muscularity Please

Please rate, I’m 5’11 and 209, in these pics I’m 198. I was told I’m too big for physique bompetitions and should do bodybuilding, however I feel small compared to other bodybuilders.

You don’t look too big for physique at all, in my opinion. Too big for an Abercrombie shoot, maybe, but you’d fit right into a physique magazine.

I realize my posing neads alot of work and I have a bit of gyno, before I get all that pointed out lol.
Packing on the mass has been a huge struggle- in the larger shows I fit in with the Physique division, if I do smaller shows they tell me to do bodybuilding.

back shot

side shot

you look really good man, your back in particular.

I think you look great. Pretty proportionate all around.
Maybe try your shot at BB in a smaller show?
Why not?
Good work and good luck.


You look good, definetly do a BB show.
Look into sorting that gyno out though its really prominent in the first photo.


I agree do BB show. I think you’ll do pretty well. I haven’t seen a lot physique shows yet but what I have seen, I think you’re a little big. Not so much from the front but those guys don’t have much for backs and yours is probably too big.

Thanks guys, yes that’s my plan for 2013 a smaller level NPC bodybuilding show. My chest genetically is my worst feature and needs a lot of attention due to the lack of muscle fibers there, it gets striated but hard to get thick and dense. Thanks for the support and comments.