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im 6’5, 196 lbs…training for 6mths…when started i weighed 230lbs…started cutting on march 1, 2007, now down to 196lbs…please give me advice as to when body type i am, i want nutrition and workout advice…i lift heavy, usually 3 sets of 5 reps or 6-8 reps, so alot of compound moves…squats, deadlifts, bench, dips, chins…any constructive advice is appreciated.



[quote]ba9428 wrote:


why are you only shaving one side of your chest?

ok but seriously im no expert but your really tall almost a foot taller then me and we weight almost the same. and have similar bf %. im only 5 foot 7. so i dont look terribly small at 190 but someone 6 foot 5 will. i really think you should bulk put on like 50 or more lbs make sure 80-90 % is muscle.

dont worry about being a lil chubbier as long as your strength and measurements increase steadily your doing the right thing. also get 1 gram of protien per lb of bodyweight. take fish oil if your not already. try to eat 6 meals a day and lift heavy. good luck. post back when you see significant progress in your pics

shave the whole thing

[quote]Clifford wrote:
ba9428 wrote:

why are you only shaving one side of your chest?[/quote]

Neat :smiley:

Body type- Tall and Average.

You definitely look like a human being.

Rate me…Rate me, my friend…
Rate me…Rate me, again…

Haha, love Nirvana.

[quote]Mr. Clean & Jerk wrote:
Rate me…Rate me, my friend…
Rate me…Rate me, again…[/quote]

The funny thing is it sounds like Curt actually sings that :smiley:

You became like this in 6 months only?
I’ve been training for 1 year and I’m not even close.
I knew I was a hard gainer!!! I knew it…

Constructive advice? Ok, don’t take physique pics while back lit.

Other than that? Looks um, er, like you used to go to the gym - to mop floors.