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Rate Me ... Trying to Loose 5-7 lbs?


Rate ... Be nice ...
5'5" 140 right now. 31


I don't see anything wrong with you. Look good.


You have the long lean athletic look most women would kill for. Good work, looking very nice.


Looking fantastic!


You look great and don't look like you need to lose any weight


You're body is what I consider perfect. You look fantastic, please do not change anything.


its difficult to judge with all those clothes on, srs. but you're definitely in shape!


It appears that everyone on T Nation feels the need to overrate attractive women. OP, this is not your fault, but a rating above a 7 is ridiculous, based on the standards outlined in the sticky (yes the sticky mostly pertains to men, but it can translate to women just fine.) There's a difference between being hot and having an outstanding physique, in the context of a fitness-oriented site.

Not mad, just telling it like it is.




x3 I agree, OP looks fantastic by most standards. However, this is a site dedicated to building strong and lean physiques with obvious muscular development. OP's legs look nice, but there isn't any outstanding muscular development that I can see.


Me likey.

Losing 5-7 lbs for your physique goals wouldnt hurt, but you honestly look very good already, and you have a very athletic look. Legs are very nicely toned. I applaud you.




Damn these one-post wonders.

And now I've just bumped this thread. FML.


No to sound pervy but a single frontal photo in training attire gives us no way to assess your abs, glutes, or back development. You also said nothing of your goals. If you were to say that you are aiming to compete in bikini, you might get better reception that if you said you were going into bodybuilding.


Oh thanks you guys...I am much more muscular than the pic appears...going to upload new.


Do you do deadlifts? You look really good but I think upping the priority on the posterior chain for a little while would do you very well


I have the same problem. I don't think cameras can capture the subtle definition that looks great in person!
If you figure out how to take an accurate photo of progress.. let me know hahah!


start squatting


This is your advice for someone trying to lose 5-7 pounds? Do you even read?


err why would squatting stop someone from losing weight?