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Rate Me lol


Here's a youtube video of me...hope i look ok


Simply not carrying enough mass. You will look wiry and flat when dieted down to contest shape. You should focus on adding 30 pound minimum before stepping one stage. Dieting for a show will only hold you back from making progress.


2nd bonez statement


You should cancel the show and gain weight for another year.

Remember to focus on forearms because they are hard to grow and small on you. Your lats are also not wide at all.

Do not diet any more dude.


Height? Weight?

On a less serious note, lose the faux hawk and the close up of your wang in the last 5 seconds of the video did not add anything productive to judging your physique. In fact it has most likely compromised my ability to get or maintain an erection for the next couple of hours.


First off you have a great base and can really develop your physique and have an impressive one in the future

You can do one of 2 things, Do your comp, you will learn alot, but you will also learn first hand what the boy's above me have already told you, you need some more size. Or, you can bulk up for a year and analize how you look, I wouldn't try to compete unless you add another 25+ pounds. But its your call. Good luck and take the advice off the people on this form who have good physique, and by good I mean LARGE. :slight_smile:


Dont cancel your show....go for it...its one of the best experiences you will have.. Even if you dont place you wont come out as a loser, you will gain a ton of information and have the best time. Doing this show will motivate you to even do better for the next.


Your name suits you...