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Rate Me - 6'3"


Back photo


If you're only going to post a back pic, this should have gone into performance photos. RMP has required pics.


Follow Instructions.


I think a mod has messed around with the thread as I had already posted this and the thread title has been changed:

Age: 21
Training age: ~2 years
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 207lbs






Crazy veins man.




You need size everywhere but look decent. I'm going to guess your legs are going to be your weakest part since you neglected to post them. If I had to pick something that appears to be lagging just based on these pictures alone, I would have to say traps. You may want to lay off oblique work as well since it's hurting your V shape.


Forgot legs


forgot to post them or forgot to train them?


Yeh, my shin starts bleeding from all the bench pressing.


This is a bodybuilding forum, I think you forgot. You're in great shape, but.. this is a bodybuilding forum


I know you won't catch me in speedos on a stage, but I still like to hear what people have to say.

Here's another leg one


its hard for us tall guys to get massive but you have a decent base. how much are you lifting for bench press, squat, deadlift military press and rows?


Bench 254
Deadlift: 375
Squat: 287
Military press: 176

Nothing there to be pleased about :\

I don't see myself improving from here on either, my back is pretty screwed up as you can probably tell from the pics. I have scoliosis and the fact that my right side of my body puts on more muscle than my left despite lots of unilateral work makes gaining any more weight seem like a bad idea.


Legs are much better than I was expecting, ignore the flamers. Put on size all o ver, work on your traps shoulders.


Legs are almost up to par with your upper body. Once you get your lifts up for deadlift and squat your legs will improve too.


Eat like a hog...lots of protein

Lift heavy.

drink a lot of water.