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Rate Me...6'0, 230lbs

[quote]nz6stringaxe wrote:
Dude, post those pics on your profile! In your back double bi your arms look stupidly huge. It’s weird that they don’t look as big in any of your front shots. More fat?

Lookin’ pretty good though. I thought your leg in particular looked pretty good when I saw this the other day, but just checked out your profile pics right now. Keep it up brother.[/quote]

Agreed. Judging by your profile pics you’re a good 6 or 7.

And your taste in friends is a 10!

I really need to work on my poses…I do look thicker in the mid back and lats verses my profile pictures, which I’m happy about…I guess all the damn pullups are finally paying off…I want to keep going, but football is going to cause me to lose some weight unfortunetly:(

thanks for the feedback!

legs look good

Nice body, man. So bad picture quality. :frowning:

Buh… come on man, i was hoping you were going to give me some inspiration. Im 6’0, 204lbs atm, and from what i can tell you look good, but you gotta learn to pose. Do a front/back double bi, front/back lat spread and a better leg shot. Cheers. Surely u know how to pose, i know how to pose and im small and have been training less. Though i may be more vein :wink: