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Rate Me...6'0, 230lbs


Please rate my physique.

I've been training 3-4 days a week for the past 6 years with no breaks. I'm currently bulking..

I'm 6'0, 230 pounds..

Max Bench: Probably 350-375
Squat: Probably 500

I don't max out because it usually leads to injury.


No takers?


Okay I'll bite. You said that doing max lifts "...it usually leads to injury". Is that something you experience when you do max effect (ME) lifts or think that is what happens?

Just to clear that up for me.

As well back pic? (I was waiting to post to see if you were loading more pics).


I meant doing one rep of my max weight. Last time I did my one rep max I felt like I was about to tear a peck..I do not want the lop sided peck look.

Sorry I don't have any back pictures. I will try to take some this week.

  • Adam


Ahh I see what you mean. Well you do look pretty impressive overall. I think upper chest could use some work tho (from what I can tell).


I actually had no pump when i took that picture..I will take another picture after a chest day workout. Of course you can never have too much chest...I currently only do incline chest exercises to maximize upper chest development.


I think you would get a much better rating if you had a lot better pics. This one is terrible.


Yup, better pics adam. Your physique does look pretty impressive, but the pic quality is horrible. Give us some good pics and we'll give you better feedback.



Hows the season going? You play semi-pro correct?


Get better pics, though it looks like your pecs need a little work.


The season starts in October...I am very excited to punish some people! With me being 25 pounds heavier...I should be able to crush some people!


Looks great from what I can see, but yeah as others mentioned we'll need more pics/stats to give more feedback.


Horrible photo, u need more pics.


Dude, post those pics on your profile! In your back double bi your arms look stupidly huge. It's weird that they don't look as big in any of your front shots. More fat?

Lookin' pretty good though. I thought your leg in particular looked pretty good when I saw this the other day, but just checked out your profile pics right now. Keep it up brother.


I have actually been trying to bring up my back and chest to be more symmetrical with my arms and shoulders...I am also hoping all the work I've been doing on my rear delts is paying off ..I tried to take some pictures with a better camera yesterday, but the batteries were dead...I will work on that this weekend.

Thanks for your feedback...I am hoping to someday have my own "Adamhum, how do you train" thread some day soon"


  • Adam


Few more pics


Few More Pics




dude I can't tell anything with those poses.

Unless you do a real lat spread, and a real back double bi, it's impossible to tell exactly how much muscle you are carrying.


Looks thick to me... Nice job, keep it up.