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Rate Me 22y/o Male


Unfortunately i have no before pictures because i didnt think i would get back into working out this hard and long. A few questions tho:

  1. My chest, gyno or pecs? I cant tell, when i jump up and down i dont jiggle, it feels firm but i feel like they should be wider.
    2)My core, where the hell does the six pack start and do i have one? Do i have a 2, 4, 6 or no core muscles?
  2. Im not impressed with my shoulders, free standing handstand push ups are my main way along with pike push ups of working shoulders and both are really hard but i feel stronger in the shoulders but im just not seeing it.
  3. If you can estimate, around how much does my BF percent seem to be? I think it’s like 15 to 17% but Im not sure.

Thank you guys. Also, I train with body weight, pull ups, push ups, variations of all that type of stuff, so i dont really lift weights, have tried in the past but felt like i was getting no where, another important thing to mention is that i know for a fact my body didnt look like this about 6 months ago (when i started).


Wtf!?? You are joking right???

Also post some back pics. From the pictures you sent it looks like you have terrible posture. Dunno if it’s just you flexing that way…


Estimating your bf% is useless information. I could give you a number and it doesn’t change a thing. Everyone’s fat distribution is different and for all I know you don’t have any legs.

Do you really need me to count your abs for you?

You’re lean. That’s good. What you do next depends on your goals, but 10/10 people on here would tell you to put on weight. Doesn’t matter what bf% you are at. A guy who is 225 lbs at 20% bf looks better naked than a guy at 140 lbs at 10% bf.


Yea i worded it real fucked up, i know i have core muscles, i meant how many are sticking out, if the 2 under the pecs count then i see 4 altogether, if not then i only see 2 and i have hella way to go to get my lower ones out. Ill get wome back pics for you, and my posture isnt really thay bad but i am flexing a little but being 6’4 it just exaggerates that effect. Ty tho lad i do appreciate your reply


Yea apologies for not having a full body shot, i have no one to take it for me and frankly i wouldnt want to ask either. I get that most people would tell me to put on weight but im 6’4 and 185lbs so idk what more they expect me to put. As for my abs another poster roasted me on it already, i just dont know of i count the ones under the pecs or not. Ill try bother someone for a full body pic in the meantime ty for your reply my friend i do appreciate it.


Geez 6’4. #Blessed

I don’t mean to be condescending about the abs, it just seems to be such an arbitrary number, like the bf%: identifying it doesn’t serve any purpose other than being able to tell people you have a 6 or 8 pack at ___%.

If you want me to guess, I’ll say you’re 14% and have a six pack. The 8 pack would come in if you added some more mass while prioritizing hypertrophy on your lower abs and then cut back down to maybe 12%. But again, those numbers are trivial, and adequately working the lower abs should be a priority for all lifters as they are typically undertrained compared to the upper abs.

I think you could put on 20 pounds easily and still look good, keeping your bf below 20%, and then go from there.