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Before I started training...please note the scar on my abdominal area...


This is the most up to date pic I have...

I use to be skinny, but after a few years of bulking and cutting and bulking and cutting. I have used the Velocity Diet once and then I bulked using the Anaconda protocols (1 & 2). This is 3 years of serious triang plus 1 year of not knowing what I was doing. I am 38 and didnt start working out until a few years ago.

In the first photo, I weighed about 160. In the second photo, I weighed 235 lbs at 5'11". 17 inch biceps, a 48 inch chest, and a 36 inch waist...I am cutting now so it shouldnt be too long before the next set of photos.

Years before I started training, I had a tumor removed from my colon which put me a "funk" for a long time. After the sur,ery, I weighed like 145, it was kinda gross. Then One day, I woke up and didn't want to be in the shape I was in any longer. I heard the local gym calling my name and now I am still hard at after a few years.


the front.

I know I have some work to do


my lats... these are my greatest work since I didn't even have lats before I started training


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Yeah time for a cut and you should be set.


Arent you the guy who doesnt eat grains? With that little carbs and not eating any grains and rarley eating rice you are a big man.


For a 38 year old guy relatively new to the iron game, I applaud you. You seem to have definitely put on some muscle mass.

But, see as how this is the "Rate My Physique" threat, for someone who has been training for three years, you may want to reexamine a few things.

TL;DR: Good work so far, but you need to start doing some serious conditioning.


Ya, I jus really wanted to make sure I have enough of a base before I really start trying to shred it up...but I am working on it and look forward to showing you my cuts pretty soon.


That's right. Most of these gains came from eating a shit load of sweet potatoes and no grains. My mass sky rocketed, though, when I did poliquin's german volume training. It was incredible.

I am working on my cuts now. But I have stalled out at about 14% bodyfat. Which just makes me look like I shrank a whole bunch. I think I have to switch up my training a bit to get the next 6%.


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Bro, I don't eat grains, I don't eat processed foods, I don't eat junk food, and I dont eat sugar...I basically just eat lean meats, vegetables plus fruits. the proper nutirition is there. I definitely agree that the battle is won in the kitchen...but I do need to up my training; I only lift weights.


Only lifting isnt a problem man... Loads of people cut successfully without cardio. As for the reason youre not cutting well now: it isnt because you eat bad or unhealthy food, its just the total amount of calories you eat is too high or the protein/carbs/fats ratio is not right to cut properly. Eating too many carbs in the form of fruit and sweet potatoes will still put on fat. So no... the proper nutrition is not there. If you think your training needs more intensity or you want to add some cardio then go for it but keep this in mind! On a side note, I find decreasing rest periods and keeping my heart rate on the higher side during my lifting helps a lot with cutting.


I appreciate the input fellas. Keep in mind that the photos above were taken after my last bulking phase, which was back in August. Since then, I have lost 30 lbs. I am on my way to single digit body fat. I just haven't taken photos cuz its a real pain in the ass for me...but in February I will post the "cuts" for comment. I understand the fundamentals that you are speaking of and appreciate the efforts to help. thanks for all the feedback, it is veyr much appreicated. I just wanted to make sure that I had a good enough base cuz honestly now that I am shrinking so much from losing this weight, I am starting to hate being smaller...keep in mind that I have now gone from a ferocious 235 down to 205. when I hit my goal weight of 195 in February, I am sure I am not gonna like being that small. So I will be back to a bulking phase to put on some more lean mass.


Try Poliquin's German COMPOSITION training if you are looking to get a training routine that will help you lose weight. It focuses on increase in HGH. Couple that with a lowered carbohydrate intake and I think you will see a great improvement.

I have to agree steady state cardio is very overrated IMO (Poliquin also hates it), and BF is greatly influenced by diet. Keep up the Good work!


RMP after 3 days of training? at least thats what it looks like


Are you a necromancer?