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Rate - Gained 10 Pounds So Farq


Month and a half ago before I started bulking. Gained ten pounds so far and need to gain more. Advice?


18 and 5'11 btw




You look saddened by the size of your own weiner. Cheer up, at least you have a rad tattoo.


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Your clavicles are huge, nice work Flex Magoo


No way this is a real person.

Poor guy is just asking to get flamed.

Post the required pics and hold a sign that is related to this thread like "My penis saddens me" or GTFO.


Are you stupid? Or are you just a troll?


Eat more, lift more, keep going til you've gained about 35 lbs by the looks of it, then come back and post again. Not a horrid start. I was skinner.


10 lb bulk huh? Is this you before pic?


^ OMG WTF! It's almost the same pose as well! Awsome find!


Youre totally stuffed with buffness! Did you bulk on the Auschwitz diet?


If you're not trolling:

Stop looking at your gains in terms of one month or ten pounds. At your current size, you're looking at YEARS of training and probably at least FIFTY pounds. There's not going to be any quick fix.

My advice would be to nut up or shut up. Put your nose to the grindstone, train your ass off, and come back here in two years.