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Rate and Advise Please


It has been a year since my last post, so here are some new photos. Please let me know what your thoughts are and what needs to be improved upon. Diet is pretty damn good, no junk food or sweets, I cook all my own food. The supps used are pretty simple. Protein, creatine, Multi-vitamin and individual vitamins, and lastly ZMA before bed.


Here is another shot. Don't worry, legs to follow.


legs next


legs. Sorry for the lack of tan. I'm not the type to be running around with my sack hanging out.

Weight is roughly 175lbs.

Dead 545
Bench ~275
Squat 315


looking good man. age/height/weight?

current lifting stats?


29/5'10. The rest is listed above.

The numbers I gave are what I can do on any given day no matter what. Max for my squat is a little higher, but that was awhile ago so I don't want to count it.


ok, here is legs.....wtf.


Lookin pretty good. Something fun to think about. Try an Oly/Powerlifting program for a couple of months. I've seen a couple of guys (myself included) give it a try and really saw some interesting gains. Bodyweight stayed essentially the same (I gained like 4 lbs in 6 months) but I was noticeably more "dense". Give it a shot, might be fun!


time to focus on legs


Everything above the waist is great! The legs...not so much.


idon't think the legs looks that bad....


Pretty good proportions up top man. If I were you I would add some oomph to the bis and tris, but looking solid. Legs are a bit small but not bad. Good level of leanness.. I bet you'd look good at 200. Keep at it.


Deadlifting 545 at 175 is very impressive. I'm 225 and the most I've done was 450 with the hex bar and 415 regular. I would say your legs need some work, abs look great, and do more variations of dips for your triceps.


You are underdeveloped in relation to your genetics.


What? I assume you base on the knowledge you've gathered by meeting his family and studying his lineage? Or maybe comparing various genomic markers in his DNA to that of mapped DNA sequences that correspond to muscle growth potential (didn't know people had figured this out yet...).

Bizarre statement



OP, I would say legs need priority, but they are'nt that bad really. Upper body is looking fantastic. Keep up the good work!!!


You deadlift with a mixed grip I assume?

You look very full for your height and weight. Your frame has the ability to carry a ton of mass and still be aesthetic (well besides the genetic imbalace in your chest, nothing to worry about though)

Your triceps could use some extra work. And legs too (everyone can use more legs)

Good job overall


The rating of a 6.1 (as of this writing) is a fucking joke. Dude, you look to be around an 8 IMHO. I also had a bit of an imbalance in my chest and it drastically diminished when I went predominantly with dumbells for chest work.

You're looking great, keep up the good work! I second the motion for more mass on the tri's -- dips and narrow-grip and you'll have some loaves back there.



I don't mean to derail the thread, but aren't you that physics major? I am pretty sure you posted before that you were (are?) working on your PhD.

Just curious how good my memory is.

Looking good, man!


Sorry to be a dumba$$ but could you please explain what you mean by variation of dips? Are you talking cables, weighted and machine dips or something different?

Triceps are a huge weak point ,not from the strength perspective but from getting them to grow so when you have a chance could you please explain.