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Rate/Advice on Hang Clean


Can any of you guys have a look at the clean and comment of what I need to do to improve it. I know it’s from a tyre but I don’t have a platform and might have needed to dumnp the weight. I’ve never had any kind of oly lift training (which may be obvious) so i’m sure there is heaps to work on.


And the vid if it works this time

as far as i can tell form this angle its pretty solid, I’m assuming you’re training for rugby?

Be sure your shoulders are retracted throughout the pull, I can’t tell if they were or not, but it does look like the bar is making contact a little lower than is optimal. That could be due to your early arm pull, however. Your hips never open all the way up, so you never reach triple extension. You should be sitting back, the weight in your hip pocket, and your shoulders shrugged completely before your arms ever bend.

It looks pretty good all-in-all, and the video is a difficult one to judge from, but that is what I can see from it. Also, be careful lifting in that tire. If you get a substantial amount of weight and can’t dump it forward, you need to be able to back out of it quickly.

Gooze -Thanks for the feedback.

I don’t think my shoulders were pulled back (we’re talking scap retraction right?) at all at the start of the lift. I’ll sort that out.

I thought the same regarding the low contact, it’s tends to be mid thigh or maybe an inch lower. I wasn’t sure why though so I’ll try a delay the arm pull a bit.

I’ll post a retry of this tomorrow if I get a chance with a better video. Noted about the tyre, I notice that today when I dumped the weight and ended up sat on the tyre having had 100kg bounce on my leg which was no fun at all.


rehanb - thanks, I did train for rugby but I’m not playing at the moment. I moved back home after uni and the clubs here don’t pay so I can’t afford to drop work to play which sucks.

How’s this looking as far as the triple extension goes. I know it’s not a clean but I wanted to work on hitting the triple ext. properly so didn’t worry about the rest of it. I think I’ve fixed the other problems too but let me know

Can never see if vid worked but doesn’t look like it has

The video’s are working… I can help with that… As far as the form I am here trying to get some tips right with ya!! LOL

I’ll have to look at the video on my computer at work, it doesn’t seem to work on anything but firefox.

For some reason I can’t see the videos anymore. Sorry, Friend.

No worries brother. The videos seem hard to load on here. Thanks for all your help though. I messaged my mate who Oly lifts for Scotland and she agreed with you about the changes needed. She’s seen the 2nd vid as well. Still a few things to work on (early pull) but it’s feeling a lot better plus my lower thigh isn’t taking so much of a bashing.


Why not just pick up some mats instead of this lifting in a tire stuff? Or two olympic plates, then just load the bar with regular weights and let the two bumper plates do the work. Either option should be pretty cheap.

Rock - I have mats bro but the gym is on the second floor with shops and offices underneath. So if i bail on the wait or just miss the lift and the weight hits the floor straight on people start complaining. I was deadlifting a while ago and just dropping the bar instead of lower and clothes were falling off the rails and shit in the shop downstairs and people in the office above started bitching about it