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Ratchet Loading Progression/Deload



I’ve recently begun using ratchet loading on the main/heavy lift with which I begin each session, and that involves the following progression:

Sample ratchet sets:
Week 1: 3,5 x 155; 3,5 x 165; 3,5 x 175
Week 2: 3,5 x 165; 3,5 x 175; 3,5 x 185
Week 3: 3,5 x 175; 3,5 x 185; 3,5 x 195

… or something like that, depending upon various feedback, of course.

Where I get a bit lost is in figuring out how to structure a deload for this progression. I’ve tried a few different methods, but I don’t feel as though I’ve hit upon the correct one yet. Based upon my sample progression, would you be able to suggest a proper way to deload in, say, Week 4, as well as a good place at which to begin the next cycle?

Thanks so much.