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Rat Ate BB Supps

No kidding, we’ve had a new roommate in the form of a rather large rat, for the last three or four days (we live in the country, on a mountainside, and often leave our door open). Well my guy told me that a LONG TIME AGO, he had left a bunch of old Biotest supps on the top of the fridge and forgot about them. The supps caps were missing and he had put them in an old grocery bag and twisted the bag shut to keep out the air. (Yes, we’re long due for some spring cleaning!)

He had just seen the rat running from the top of the fridge. Then he found the supps almost entirely eaten by the rat. I believe there was TRIBEX, some old Ephedra pills and other stuff. Only thing left was three half eaten pills.

OMG. I’ve been worried the Rat was going to wake me in the middle of the night and kick my a**, and my guy’s too.

Well today, no rat. And not in the glue traps. Wondering the effect upon a rat by Biotest supps? Did all the Ephedra cause him to sprint around the island 400 times? Did the TRIBEX make him “the man” with the lady rats? Did he die??

The ephedra probably blew up his heart.

I had a mouse getting into my desk at work. I found him dead in a drawer one day, next to a packet of Taco bell hot sauce he had chewed open and eaten.

He is likely to have gone beserk, then died of a heart attack.


My brother-in-law hadn’t been using his whey and it just sat in a closet. A rat apparently chewed a hole in it and starting eating it. He set traps and everything and one night while they were eating dinner “bang” they heard a rat trap snap shut in the closet.

Almost immeadiately, a big ole rat struggles across the floor dragging the rat trap behind him. They were stunned. The rat did eventually expire but he was a hoss.

[quote]supermick wrote:
He is likely to have gone beserk, then died of a heart attack.


Today the rat is M.I.A. He’s prolly doing his thousand laps around the island. That, or you’re right Mick, and he croaked. I hope he croaked outside, though.