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Rasicm vs Bigotry


A lot of people in this forum lay down the rasicm remark to easily.There is a huge difference between a racist and a bigot.A racist is someone who hates all people of a certain race,religon,nationality,ect.A bigot is someone who dislikes or doesn't trust another race,religon,nationalty,ect. unless they get to know a person one-on-one,but still dislikes the race as a whole.Racism is KKK or kill all whiteys,all white men are the devil.They hate all members of a race no matter what.A bigot is someone who might have a token black or white or Muslum friend,but only because he's one of the good ones.I think most examples of racism today are more examples of bigotry,like John Rocker's old remarks or Jessie Jackson's Heimytown remark about New York City.


Actually, racism and bigotry are two sides of the same evil coin. The difference is that bigotry is related more to an individual's intolerance of others where racism takes it a step further. It is that intolerance coupled with a belief that one race is superior than another. A bigot can hate a race of people, but a racist can hate a race of people with the belief that their race is superior to the race that they hate.

For example, Archie Bunker is a bigot. He doesn't like other races but he doesn't believe that his race was superior to them. He just doesn't want to be around them. David Dukes is a racist. He doesn't like other races and has the belief that the white man is superior. There is a small difference between the two, but all in all, they both suck.


I am curious as to what your point is. You make it seem like being a bigot is fine. Ignorance is ignorance, no matter how you label it.


Was Archie Bunker a bigot or a racist?


Thank You well said.




A rascist isnt someone who hates a race of people. A rascist is someone who thinks that a certain race is superior to another solely based upon race. A white person can be a rascist if he think black people are superior to white people simply because they are black. It doesn't necessarily have to do with hate. If you like all races just fine, but think that your race is superior, you are a rascist.


Those definitions are wrong.

Use Wikipedia :



Never said it was fine moron.I was just pointing out the differences.A bigot ,like Arhie Bunker or George Jefferson(ah,staples of 70's T.V.)don't hate another race,they just don't like them.Example,while Archie didn't want blacks in his neighborhood,he personally liked Lionel and Sammy Davis,Jr.And while George Jefferson didn't like Whites,he personally liked whites who would help him moneywise.If they were both racist,they would hate anybody black or white,and not have anythink to do with them.Why does pointing out the difference in the two make me think being a bigot is alright.Maybe you should rethink you ignorance statement.


Agree,sort of.But while I think racism is evil because it comes out of hate,I don't really think being a bigot is evil.David Duke=Evil;Archie Bunker and George Jefferson=Ignorant and distrustful.Bigots normally don't hate people,for some reason they just don't like somebody because of race,religion or nationality.I saw more bigotry in my hometown of Memphis with American blacks being so distrustful of foreign born blacks,mainly Afriacan,and vice versa,than I did with race relations between blacks and whites.I even had a Nigerian store owner tell me that he can't stand American blacks,that they were so evil.That was to me ,being a rasict,because while he was talking about his own race,he based it on nationality and race.


I see,I'm just using those terms by the way I see it used in the real world.The way people in our society see racism,people like Duke and KKK,its because of hate.People accoiate a bigot with somebody like Archie Bunker or even Cartman from South Park,which are not hateful,but just ignorant and distrustful.The real definitions are quite different than the way the words are applied in real life.


I have met a lot of bigots but very few racists.


You stated that there is a huge difference between the two. There isn't.

According to what you said, a racist hates all, but a bigot can like one but dislike the rest. Yeah, huge difference.

If you want to resort to name calling that's fine. I apologize if I offended you but there is no huge difference, in my opinion, between the two. They are the result of, and fostered by ignorance.


Fine,I think there is a difference between hate and distrustfullness.My Grandfather loved all people,he was a christan,but he was distrustful and scared of blacks.I don't call this hate,as a fireman,he put his life in danger to save blacks(his station was in a poverty,mainly black area of Memphis)In no way was he a hateful racist,but he was a bigot,no doubt about it.

So,in my opinion,there is a huge difference between the two.The reason I got upset with you is because you implied that I was guilty of being a racist in your responce because I was tring to define the difference between the two,something I'm not gonna take lightly.My whole point of doing this thread is to stop people in here from throwing a very powerful word like racism around when they talk about race and polotics in here.So far,I've heard that word used lightly with Bush,Nagin,and even mother nature and God,which I don't think is the right word to describe this tragdy.


No, my friend, that would make you a Mormon.


Did anyone bother to read the wikipedia definitions?


Thank you for posting the truth here. Racism has to do with power. If I have no power over someone I can't be racist against them. Meaning I can't discriminate against them because of their race. I can be a bigot, but not a racist.

While we are on the subject, Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

We have come along way since 1963, and he did make big a difference.


Specific definitions aside both Bigotry and racism is stupid and hateful and most educated people and decent people who actualy have a life find them appalling.


And here is where we encounter the problem my friends. How exactly do we determine what power is, who yields it over whom, and when?

A better question is this: is there not some power derrived from asserting that one is a victim of racism? Or any number of things for that matter?


I'm a slimjimist...I am superior to all of you