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Rashes After Lifting

I’ll keep this brief, but I seem to develop rashes after a particularly hard (or just hot) workout. Including: along my sternum, elbow creases, beltline, and sometimes where I wear a lifting belt. It’s not too bad usually, and I just tack it up to some dumb irritant with my skin, but I’ve got a pretty nasty rash across my sternum right now, and its keeping me up from itching.

I’m sure the heat is the main contributing, it flares up at work when it starts to get a little warmer than comfortable. Also after a workout it’s almost instant, and much more severe.

Side notes; I’m allergic to nickel and shellfish, dont know if these allergens have other carry overs to anything related to dermitis.

Any simple fixes, other than the worst possible idea being dropping some benadryl right after a workout, and putting me into a coma?

Sweat related at all?

sweat (open pores) +less than sanitized equipment + random dust floating around = rash

Baby powder should help with the itching.

I’ve dealt with eczema all my life, it freaking sucks. Have you been having a pre workout drink or something? Maybe your allergic to one of the ingredients.

It could very well be sweat related, but I sweat pretty easily, so it would be hard to narrow down if it’s a temperature thing, or a pore thing.

I lift at home, and my garage is pretty sanitary. The only people in there are me and my roommate, and we keep it very clean. Possible, but unlikely in my opinion.

As far as the pre workout, it happens at my job as well, albeit less severe, but I also dont work quite as hard there. Most likely I think it’s a sweat/heat thing, but I’m actually about to go on a break from pre workout starting today anyways, so I’ll be sure to monitor just in case.

Sounds like garden variety heat rash to me. It’s not something I deal with personally, but google might be able to help you.

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I have this problem if I wear synthetic fiber shirts during particularly hot days outside or lifting hard. I only wear cotton shirts while lifting and that seems to have alleviated the problem.

Heads up, I read these and have worn strictly cotton (pretty awesome in our microwave warehouse) and the rash is immediately subsiding.