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Rasheed Wallace's Arms


When I was watching the Celtics/Lakers game last night I was looking at Rasheed Wallace's arms and coulda sworn that his tatted up right arm looked a lot more built than his left arm. Did anyone else see anything like this? I'll try to find a pic from last night's game, but I don't think I will be successful.


Dunno about Sheed, but you should see the size discrepancy between Raphael Nadal's arms.


Both of them are admitted fap-aholics.



Giving a fuck = Fruitless


Posting in a thread you don't give a fuck about = fruitless

But seriously, I figured because of the main reason everyone is here, someone might have noticed that, too.

The arm disrepancy with Nadal is well-known, I thought. I noticed it a long time ago. Could be from playing tennis, but I think Advanced is on to something.


He is a hack master...thus is one arm is a little more built than the other. He also does a lot of "who me??" jestures and "oh come on" arm throws. Could also result in arm descrepancies.


Hahaha, maybe, certainly seems to be the only thing he has done in this series so far that I've seen. By the way, that has to be one of the greatest internet names I've seen.


Yeah, it's quite noticeable, even from a distance.


I love the celts, but damn I hate Rasheed Wallace. He like randomly hits a three pointer, when randomly the team needs it. He then collects his awful contract, while sitting on the bench receiving high fives while Scalabari (sp?) does not and joking with Nate.

Unfortunatly he will always have two more rings than my homeboy brent berry.


The gym I used to work at had squash there, and the squash pro competed in national leagues etc...

His right arm was about twice as big as his left, and his right leg was massive compared to his left...

It was almost freaky if you caught a glance of it