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Rashard Lewis Suspended for Steroids


"All-Star forward Rashard Lewis of the Orlando Magic has been suspended without pay for 10 games for testing positive for an elevated testosterone level, the NBA announced Thursday. "Toward the end of the season I took an over-the-counter supplement which at the time I did not realize included a substance banned by the NBA", said Lewis. "


Steroids help shooting three's?


LOL, suspended for DHEA?


They probably help with menage a troises...but then, that is probably worth more than 3 points.


I thought he supposedly took DHEA - no big deal.


DHEA = ROOOIIDZZZZZ aka chemical that rapes puppies and scalps your younger sibilings with an AIDS covered butter knife. Such a cheater that Lewis fellow is...


Biggest shock here ?

One of those crappy over the counter things actually worked.


This is kind of funny I wonder if the media will make DHEA sound like it helped give him an edge.


Well, they lost in the finals. He played one great game out of 5. Some performance enhancer.