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Rare Sighting

I don’t want anyone to get alarmed but…

Just this week I saw one of the “Trainers” at my World Gym, IN the Gym.

Now of course this isn’t unusual but in this case there was no soccer Mom in tow and no predetermined, “same as every other person I’ve ever trained” routine being “taught”. This guy was ALONE! Yes I know what you are thinking “Hey Cake, maybe he was just lost?” and that was exactly what I was thinking but NO!, I turn around to ask him if he needs directions to the phones so he can hustle yet more soccer Moms into a membership (that’s all the “Trainers” here do, Fat, Lazy, Salesmen really…) and HE IS WORKING OUT! Yes! an honest, Balls to the wall, heavy duty workout, even with SWEAT!

Weird Huh?

Now, this guy is “New” so I’m sure in the near future he will forget the un-assisted path to the Gym and stay with the rest of the herd at the phones but much like spotting an Albino Tiger in the wild, this was such a beautiful sight that I doubt I will ever forget it.

Alas, as with most rare things sometimes the memories are all that you really have to hold on to. Don’t get your hopes up of seeing this in person though but if you would like I could draw you a rough sketch and using your imagination, you could apply it to your own Gym (unless you’re lucky enough to workout in a “Real” Gym…)

“Suddenly, as rare things will, it vanished”

~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Ya know, cakeman, it never fails.

Precious moment like that occur, and you never have your damn camera. And then, unfortunately, when you try to describe the wonder of that sighting, people look at you as though you were discussing your recent sighting of a UFO.



That is why I got into massage therapy. At the Baley’s I worked as a trainer, the same shibai was there too.

Nice one, Cupcake. LOL.

Oh, and for the Japanese-impaired among the forum readership, “shibai” means a play, a set-piece, a little drama, like that.

Geez…I thought it meant Sh*t…either one fits I guess,

Hey! Now I’m Multi-Lingual!

“I don’t mind what language an opera is sung in so long as it is a language I don’t understand”

~ Sir Edward Appleton

You are right Char-Dawg. But the use of the word in Hawaii means bullshit.

Well, I’ve never claimed to speak fluent Hawaiian.


Cupcake, one of the trainers in my gym can be found quite frequently… yes training, if you can believe it. The others, though, never once have I seen them actually exercising. The rest of the people that work there for the most part never do.

One thing that I’ve learned to do before I put my hard earned money down on a membership is to determine whether the people that work there and those that own the facility use it. This is critical and it explains why I get stupid answers to my questions like, “do you guys figure you’ll get a proper power rack or even a cage?” The answers I usually get range from “what are those?” to “we don’t want to attract the type of people that use that sort of equipment.” I am not making this up.