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Rare Moments That Make It Worth It

So sometimes I wonder why I have devoted practically all of my life to heavy lifting and eating for a good while now, when staying up late or going out for a run or longboarding or going out to eat junk sounds like a nice alternative. You sometimes wonder “why am i eating this other piece of chicken now when i alreayd did before” and wonder if it’s time to just eat some junk or not worry so much.

But then when you’re out with a girl friend out somewhere in an unsafe place, and pass by a bunch of guys eyeing her and such, I believe it makes it all worth it. That feeling of just being ready to go flat out nuts because you know you can, and that feeling of knowing people aren’t gona mess with you, it’s great. That and going into the gym having that big feeling, but mostly that feeling of going out and knowing that your girl feels protected. As well, just that animal instinct you feel you have in certain times, it’s hard to explain now that I’m trying to write it down, but I can definitely feel what it is I’m speaking of.

So basically, everytime I think to myself “maybe I should just calm down and settle for the ryan reynolds look” i always think this girl would rather have a guy next to her who is gona be able to protect her while out than look pretty at the end of the day.

Okay so all this didn’t come out necessarily as I wanted it to sound, but it definitely helps motivate me to workout hard in all aspects of life.

Hijack, but your handle reminds me of the lame biology joke …

A mushroom goes into a bar and orders a drink, but the bartender refuses service. “Sorry, but we don’t serve mushrooms here.” So the mushroom says, “Why not? I’m a fungi!”


If you really want to keep guys away from your girl, just do what I did. Make her wear a shirt that says, “Who Wants Syphilis? Come and Get It!”

Then you’ll have more time for lifting, comfortable in knowing that she doesn’t need to be escorted anywhere.

I understand the semi-logic of feeling you can protect a girl because you are lifting weights, but it’s really a discrepency. Knowing how to fight will guarantee that you can protect your girl, pushing weight up and down doesn’t necessarly make you a better fighter in the least.

Plus unless you are hitting about 240 well factoring in height of course the number will vary, you will not look that big in full street clothes. The eating and training doesn’t seem like it requires any sort of sacrifices, well at least any sacrifices that would contain any substance. Not being able to eat a big cake while your friends are doesn’t strike me as the bane and torture of human existence. I wouldn’t even calling being in the iron game as a sacrifice, as no one would purposely do a mindless activity if it didn’t provide them with some sort of benefit.

Though I am an ass, sorry.

I didn’t think you were an ass everything you said was correct.

[quote]Mikeyway wrote:
I didn’t think you were an ass everything you said was correct.[/quote]

Yeah, and that was the only slight problem I had with the AnimalPak advertisements. Of course it’s their right to advertise in whatever fashion they want to, but the whole “I am at such a high level that working out and bettering my body is a sacrifice.”

I think it’s the height of Narcissism. People may look at my previous sentence and think I am going too far, but I don’t think I am.

A Narcissist has a preoccupation with theirselves and most importantly their ego. A Narcissist will often want to be surrounded by people who praise them and who shower them with attention. A Narcissist is usually hiding a layer of insecurity.

If a Narcissist can’t willing get attention from others concerning a certain facet of life like bodybuilding, it seems logical that they would often exclaim the sacrifices they make to people around them to some how elicit any kind of attention.

I also notice that the ability to protect one’s girl seems to not only be for her safety, but for the safety and the pride of that person, not just “for the girl.”

[quote]Mikeyway wrote:
I didn’t think you were an ass everything you said was correct.[/quote]

Yea, but that doesnt mean he’s not an arrogant ass…The OP clearly does sacrifice merely by being disciplined enough to bodybuild, particularly in todays overweight society. Just because he doesnt fit Mr.China’s alleged high standards doesnt make him a slacker or China superior…

As to the self defense issue: I lift, am rated in martial arts and know one thing for certain: criminals rarely argue with a 1911A1 .45 ACP pistol pointed at them…Only a fool or fantasy victim thinks muscles or spin kicks are superior to a combat handgun, in the fists of a trained operator, for lethal armed self-defense, especially from multiple opponents…