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Rare Low Bodyfat/Weight Syndrome


I was browsing the web tonight and found this site:


On it, the girl claims to have an extremely rare syndrome in which it is impossible to gain weight. She also claims to have zero percent body fat.

Doesn't this go against human physiology. Shouldn't she be dead? I was always under the impression that the body requires some essential body fat for life functions...

Looking for someone with more medical knowledge to shed some light on this...


Very strange...

The "zero percent bodyfat" she said was probably an exaggeration.


She can't be zero percent body fat, she has tits.


Squats and milk.


sounds like someone with serious digestive issues


I can see it now. Any time someone says they can't gain weight, they'll claim to have this syndrome.


Where are those tits??

Of course it's an exageration. I guess at least she does have a brain and cell membrane...


I've always heard that it's impossible to be under 4% due to the essential fat that cushions organs and such.... (or something like that,.. I'm kinda talking out my ass here -lol)



umhh... anorexia?

Maybe Anorexia + Bullshit?

This is the interwebz, people.


not impossible, but not the healthiest either.

I did a skinfold (of course this doesn't measure the fat around the organs like you mentioned) on an employee. Sum of 6 site skinfold was 2.5%. I was basically just pinching skin. This was his every day conditioning too. Bastard. Was around 165 lbs.


d-bol, coan dl cycle, pizza.

I have a cure for everything..


Bullshit, get DEXA reading. Also, get the woman AAS. I call horse poo on that story.




It's hard to be anorexic in the womb....


I don't get it. I want to follow her around all day and watch her eat "whatever she wants." I'm guessing it would be a powdered doughnut for breakfast, bag of chips for lunch, and maybe a hot dog for supper? Or maybe she skips breakfast because she doesn't want anything. I call BS. Somebody give that woman a cheeseburger.


WTF. She has a facebook.



She looks 40!! however....

her facebook says texas state '11

She's under 21?


Didn't Flex Wheeler test clinically at '0' one year... for the O?

I just added her on FB.... lol


Haha, you perv!


I <3 her... :slight_smile: