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Rare Form of belter

As I was finishing up my Renegade rope skipping today, I saw a full blown “belter” (see Thetasaurus thread for more info or http://t-mag.com/articles/206rm.html - near the end) who was playing tennis. I almost rolled over laughing, but was able to finish the last minute of my rope skipping. Any other rare “belter” sightings recently?

LAUGH too funny!

I must report that I have had no good sightings lately...

Well, one night last week, Ko and I looked over to one of the other squat racks to our left, and well, I’ll be damn: there was a dude, wearing a belt, performing bicep curls in the rack. Yup - we laughed, too.

HOLD ON TO something this is wild. My current lifting partner,is one. He just bought a new leather one. HE takes it off only for sit-ups.I keep telling him I’m going to get “HOLLWOOD” put on it. anyone know of a treatment center i can get him into.

Not just a belter sighting, I saw a “belter/strapman” in my gym who was using both on the Smith Machine. Thing was, he was doing bench presses. Can you imagine? Straps on a bench press?!?!! Bwa hahahahahaha!

The guy who delivers the Olafson’s bread wears one when he’s unloading it off the truck. I sort of wondered why because it’s only bread.

I use to be a belter until I had back surgery. In fact, I use to have to wear one even while riding horses to stabilize my back so that my sciatic nerve would not be screaming in agony. I don’t wear one for anything since I had the herniation removed but there are times when one is appropriate. Of course, I did have to go to Belter’s Anonymous to wean myself off of the belt. They are very addicting!

well ive seen two “wonder belt twins” on the hammer strength incline press. oh yeah and the otherday the fat, retard, annoying, stupid, “former bodybuilder” personal trainer at my gym who always tries to give me tips that i think he must have read in a gas station bathroom told me “Scott: always wear your weight belt” and walked away like the “big gulps, alright well see you later” scene from dumb and dumber. on top of that, my name is Jesse, i dont know where in the blue fuck he got scott!!!

I must confess, I was a “belter”. Like Avoids, I had two herniated discs in my lower back. After two surgeries and subsequent years of belting, I am proud to say that I have been beltless for 10 months now. Thanks to Paul Chek’s articles and this forum I have been on the wagon without thinking twice about falling off.

I think you all should remember how you’re talking now, the next time someone looks at you funny for doing stiff legged deadlifts or some other rare gym exercise.

What goes around comes around. :wink:

Two days ago I spotted a rare pod(3) of the elusive Flat Pressimus species. I tried to save them from an untimely death, but it was all for naught. They just kept belting their way onto the bench.

Good stuff! It’s always fun to poke a little good natured fun at each other. Avoids and Herc - You guys should get together and publish “Confessions of a Past Belter”. Just kidding!

I spotted the elusive “belter” today, and he actually spoke to me. He was wearing a brand new Hugo Boss sweat shirt, lycra shorts, gold chains, reebok high tops, long, greasy, thinning hair, and yes the leather weight belt. He was doing flat bench flies. He saw me doing deadlifts, and told me I should wear a belt. I had to try really hard not to laugh, and was finally able to muster a “no thanks”.

There are a few belters at the gym I go to, using the belt on the following: bench press, bicep curl, pull-ups, lat pulldown, and even…wait for it…running!! Argh. I also had you witness a complete wanker do lat pulldowns with a ROM of 6inches. He also loads up the bench press with 100kg/220lbs and trys to lift it when he can’t. He moves it 3 inches down, struggles, then lifts 3 inches, and repeats a few times. I want to slap him round the face.

I got a belter on videotape at my gym doing lat pulldowns. I went on to videotape him doing shoulder press and I even made slurping noises when he drank water (I hid behind an economy fan upstairs and taped away). The guy’s now a star at the gym I work at. Quality thread.
I must admit that I used to use a belt for heavy barbell shrugs though…

I saw a guy wearing a belt while doing LEG EXTENSIONS. He also wears it while eating his trail mix with a toothpick between sets.

I use a belt while i have sex. Its dangerous without them.

While I did not see it personally, a local “expert” appeared on the local morning news show, dispensing workout advice. Of all things, he was giving advice on the “proper” way of squatting. 1. Wear a belt to protect your back. 2. Use a Smith Machine. 3. Never go past 90 when squat. What an idiot.

does anyone have any belters that come into the gym with their belts on? we have a couple older guys who get out of their car with their weight belt on, go straight for the squat rack “curls/lowerback exercise”, and leave it on the whole time. i wonder if they keep it on all day? wow are people really that stupid? that video tape story was hilarious!!

Well I remember going to the grocery store after a workout, and running into this guy there who also just came from the gym - and he was wearing his belt.

How about "belters" who have their names engraved onto their belts? Egads.