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Raptor Jesus


I think Raptor Jesus is a pretty cool guy. He kills Satan and doesn't afraid of anything.



Tsk lvl 40?

RaptorJesus obviously sucks.


I'd sell him my babies shrug


That's the cost of raptor salvation, I guess.


Somebody's going to hell.

I'm driving the bus, so I'll you on the way.


that was stupid


I <3 raptor jesus.


only if you don't like raptors.


No wonder watching Jurassic Park felt like a religious experience.


^Hmm my old store manager at McDonald's was so ancient he was around when the first drive-thru opened and raptor jesus rode through. Said he was a prick and refused to park to help their drive-thru times.


I think I accidentally in that bus.


I lold at the "Rez please". It would be just as funny without the raptor head for that one.

some n00b did it but it was funny anyway, ina cute way.


Ahhh that song is stuck in my head now :frowning: