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Rapping Weather Man


I thought it was funny.


Hahahahaha it was made 100x better because they're all white and very awkwardly spitting rhymes. Hilarious and very well done though either way.


I thought this was a dILATED pEOPLES THREAD.



Lol like how you do air something like this, thinking "ya, this is a good idea"


WOW That was dope! lol

His rhymes are definitely nice.

Weatherman>Gucci Mane


HA, no doubt. But then again......

Rainman > Gucci Mane


It would have been funnier if after he finished they just kept reading the news like nothing happened.




This was so awesome.


I loled when he said "the last number is for diane cause she is a ten"


Pretty original,bit long though!