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Raping the Squat


I am speechless:


hahaha, The worse part about that is, I bet that guy goes around bragging he can squat 765 and bench 465, I'm surprised he could get it off the rack.


He has a beastly bench press too


That's not even funny.


he can't even squat 225 right... nice


I'm impressed the little fella could even walk that out.



he about died trying to rerack it


He squats 765 for reps! According to my 1 rep max calculator that is worth 892 pounds. I'm sure he rounds up to an even thousand.


i think i hurt my back just watching that.


It does take some fortitude to be able to hold that weight on your back for that amount of time, so even though he's a weenie, I don't think he's a total pussy, just misguided by the old dude.


BEAST!!! but seriously, that was an epic walkout in the first video. Though i am somewhat surprised that he isn't injured.

This is another one of the related videos, 100kgx10.

Goes to show that even with light weight his range of motion is the same. Someone just needs to teach him what a squat looks like.


Hay guyz leave him alone. He's a pro working the range of motion involved in the sport of badmitten.


Awww, c'mon, that was hysterical.

Then again, I know better than to try and talk up any of my lifts around here, because pretty much EVERYONE here can out-lift me (I'm new to it, and not big to begin with), but, after watching Mr. "5x765" display such epic amounts of fail on "10x225#", it's nice to know that I'm doing better than at least one guy. :slight_smile:


Notice that these guys with the huge inflated squat numbers never seem to have videos of themselves deadlifting.


Oh man....I feel embarressed for him...


If they did, it would be a video of a rack pull.


it's the equalizer! can't cheat a deadlift. that was some miserable squatting though, and highly questionable benching as well.


Wow, he did almost kill himself. And wtf is that old guy going to do behind him if he fails? Die with him I guess.


I saw a guy just like this last year but with only about 405. He had the catch bars 1 or 2 notches down from the hooks in the power rack.


LOL "highly questionable benching" LOL!