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Rapid Weight Loss


i wondering if anybody had any rapid weight loss tips for someone who needs to keep my strength for my job and such. i have a friend that lost 215lbs in a year and half but he lost alot of muscle as well so i was wondering what things i need to do loose alot of weight or body fat but keep my strength and bulk... please let me know


That's where the problem lies. You can't expect rapid weight loss and not lose muscle.

The body isn't really capable of losing much more than 2lbs of fat per week, any more and it will consist of water and/or muscle weight.


ic well then what are some workouts that consist of loosing body fat more than just dieting... which i need to work on as well


Take a look at Waterbury's 10X3 for fat loss. Really, most of it is diet though. You must find a level of calories that allows steady, decently paced fat loss without going to low. The T-Dawg diet would be a good thing to look into. I wouldn't recommend the Velocity Diet for anyone with a lot of fat to lose.


thanks...does anybody have any ideas for supplements, what to eat, and workouts using the Waterbury's 10X3


Ah true above but you can if your a big old fatty like I was 300lbs of blubber. But you have to slow that after the big initial loss.

I went from 300lbs to 215 with no muscle loss and strength gains lost it in about 3 months as well. Then held that weight for a few years. It wasnt until I used a misinformed crappy diet to (for some damn reason) cut lower and get ripped that I lost a ton of muscle.

I say if your 50+lbs over weight your carrying enough fuel on you to make a drastic change pretty damn fast at first just expect to slow way the hell down.




Just like Phill said, you can lose more per week depending on how overweight you are.

To the OP, workouts will not help you lose fat. Caloric defecit and proper eating habits will. Before you start worrying about what workout you should do, I would get your diet nailed down. Do a search under articles for...

T-Dawg Diet 2.0
Tailor-Made Nutrition

They will show how to merge the health and bodycomposition goals to create a good balance.

As far as your workout. From the sounds of things is sounds as if you are new to working out. If thats the case, I would start on something like Waterburys Total Body Training or Shugarts Big Boy Basics. The 10x3 for a fatloss is a great program, however I think the volume/loading progression and some of the excercise selection is a bit much for someone to learn on. Just me..



ok truth be told o weigh 355lbs but ive lifted weights off and on for like 7 years.. i have strength but i need to loose weight, i would give up my strength for the weight loss..

but i have never heard of these workout programs like Waterburys Total Body Training or Big Boy Basics and even 10X3 workout.. if someone dont mind i would like them explained to me .. thanks


Just use the search function on this site or look under the authors, they are all pretty weel explained in the articles if there are any questions after that ask.


odd timing for this topic to come up. A recent focus of mine is wondering why certain beliefs are repeated. Rapid fat loss is covered in a booklet of Lyle McDonald, same name. It is a very interesting read for one because he questions and dismisses a lot of that which is held as gospel. What I was particularly interested in was the point that exercise had, at best, a small effect on the total amount of weight loss between a control, diet alone, diet and exercise. He adds, and it makes sense, that it is a matter of mathematics.

The amount of calories burned with exercise is pale in comparison to the amount of a deficit created by caloric restriction. It does still all boil down to how fat your are when you start, how much lean body mass you have, how much of a calorie deficit you create, and what you do to stave off the loss or better yet, create lean body mass. Brief, intense, frequent exercise. All in all, it appears that a protein sparing mdified fast is a very effective way to kick start a diet, gets rapid results and is a good lead in to then hopefully a more reasonable slower approach, one that can be maintained for a longer time.


I gained a lot of weight in 2002, and lost it all the next year with an intense program of training 5 days a week, alternating days of 30 min cardio + weights with days of 1 hour of cardio and abwork. I lost a consistent 3 lbs/week and was back to my "normal" weight in 4 months.


can i ask what program did you use


I would try the diet before deciding that you need supps like fat burners. Protein and multivit and fish oil are a must though.