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rapid weight loss

I have a kickboxing fight a week from today and still have about 8lbs to loose. Wondering if anyone has any guidelines for me to drop this weight within the week.


Drop calories drastically, and drop water. Whether you took this fight at the last minute or you waited too long, it is too late to do it properly.

do you need to lose the weight to be in a weight class. If that is true then you can only go for water loss as KO mentioned. How soon before the fight do you get weighed. This water lose will severly affect your performance. If i were you i would do a low carb diet with thermogenics for the week and then load up on carbs, mag-10, and andropoppers before hand to give you some boost.
good luck, laters pk

Fuck. Greek and Ko I’d rather not fight than do that! Geeze take the chance and get booted or do that and hurt your health. Josh its too late. Two weeks, 4 pounds a week might be healthy. I’ve done 15 in a week an a half. I drank much more water, took plenty vitamens, used the right supplements and immediately discontinued after the 15 lbs. It took me a while before my stamina was close to normal again. I can’t imagine putting myself through such a vigorus activeity while also putting my health under so much stress. You will not be top shape if you shock your system that much. Next time I’d suggest shooting for 10 lbs under weight then loading on creatine if its aloud. You’ll be yourself and then some if you do that.

A plastic sauna suit and a sweat suit over it. Run or skip rope for about an hour. You’ll get it off, but WILL be miserable in the process. I used to drop from 194# to 177# in five days to wrestle using this method.

Many fighters drop twice as much weight for the weigh in. I don’t see you having much trouble dropping 8 lbs. Are the weigh ins the day before the event or right before your match?