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Rapid Weight Loss and Estrogen

I started my TRT Protocol 2 1/2 weeks ago.
I started a strict nutritionally balanced ketogenic diet 1 1/2 weeks ago with some intermittent fasting to get things going.
I started lifting 5 days ago.

According to my keto strips I’m in moderate ketosis and that’s where I want to stay.

I’ve posted my protocol before but I feel like even with my AI I am retaining a lot of water. I have had a lot of torso fat but I feel like I’m carrying a lot of water around my breasts. My nips seem a little puffy but I don’t’ feel a disc behind them or anything.

I know that TRT causes estrogen to increase. Does ketosis and a lot of fat metbolism release a lot of estrogen too? Because I feel like maybe my estrogen is high or something is causing me to hold water.

I am on the standard defy, T Cypionate, HCG and Anastrozole protocol.

Anyone else feel like this when they started therapy?

Testosterone can cause the body to store water by other methods and is common for men who have estrogen on the lower end to gain water weight for the first several months as the body searches for a new balance. Your muscles are growing and your body needs fuel and sometimes appetite can be ravenous in the beginning.

More often than not, it’s a combination of estrogen being higher than what your body is used to and other factors mentioned previously. If you have no high estrogen symptoms I wouldn’t worry as it will all balance out in the months to come.

It may pass in 6 weeks as you only just started TRT and your levels are swinging wildly. There will be times when you may feel more bloated and times when you don’t, after 6 weeks it will even out.

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And yes rapid fat loss can release all sorts of fun stuff into the system that your body may hold on to water in order to deal with.