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Rapid Weight Gain on Chanko?



Iv'e just started my first ever weight gaining diet and am using TC's Chanko diet to do so.Iv'e been on the diet for 8 days now and switched straight over from the T-Dawg v2.I started this diet 8 days ago at around 201bs and have just wieghed myself and found I now weigh 211lbs!!!!??? I dont look like iv'e put on 10lbs ether in muscle or fat so whats going on? im taking in roughly 3891Kcals a day with my macronutirents at around 317.1g of protien 484g of carbs and 80g of fat.Is this normal guys??? help!


alot of it could be water weight since you were on low carbs before the diet. However its never a good idea to go from low-carb to high carb without a transition period. You can minimise fat gain by slowly raising carbs back to the required levels as opposed to going straight back up.


Whooops I guess I s*****d that one then! lol Iv'e gone from a 70g/100g carb split a day to over 400g!

What I thought of doing is carry on as I am for the next week or two and see if my wieght stabilizes.Then see if im gaining over or under a 1-2lbs a week and adjust accordingly.

What do you guys think?


It's the approximately 317.1 grams of protein.Down it to 317.009.


It was water weight do to the glycogen. Your body store appx. 3 grams of water for every gram of glycogen. Thats a lot of weight. Sa,me reason why people lose a LOT of weight the first week or two of low carb they deplete those glycogen stores and water.

Yes it should even out very quickly.


echo what everyone else said. Carb rich foods like bread and fruit/veggies are usually very water dense as well. Your body will adjust


Thanks guys, I concur with you all I also think it's most probs water as on a cut I usually lose about 1/2 a stone in the first week.