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Rapid Weight Gain and Recipes

Looking for way to rapidly increase overall mass…fat gain no worry due to metabolism…looking for high calorie recipes and diets (6,000 +)…and if possible oatmeal milkshake recipe.

The Big Boy Shake

22 ounces of whole milk,
3 scoops chocolate Grow! or protein powder,
2 tablespoons breyers chocolate ice cream,
2 tablespoons natural peanut butter,

The Coronary

1 toasted English muffin cut in half, butter both sides, two eggs, sunny side up, two slices bacon, one slice tomato, one slice cheese, 1 slice salami, douse in RedHot, salt and pepper.
Eat, and lick extra grease off the plate when you are done.

The Elvis Sandwich.

Lightly toast two pieces of bread. Mush half a banana and smear it on one side. Eat the other half banana. Coat the other side with peanut butter. Smack them together. and here’s The King’s secret. Pan Fry in 1/3 stick of butter until golden brown.

Try this if you are hardcore enough!!
Each and every day eat 1lb of beef 12 eggs and a gallon of whole milk. whatever else you eat is up to you, but this is the base of the diet. Plus the recipe you wanted is
16oz whole milk
1 cup raw oatmeal
1 egg
1 banana
If you do this plus an Ian King program and don’t grow you are doomed to puniness forever.