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Rapid Weight Gain After Miscarriage

Hello everyone! This is actually the first post I’ve ever written and I’m desperate for any kind of clarification. Before I became pregnant I had my macros nailed down and was lifting 5-6 times at the gym working on my strength with compound exercises. I was extremely happy with my progress and not only loved the way I looked - but loved the way I felt. Pregnancy slowed me down and made me tired, which was expected and validated, but I still made it to the gym as much as possible and stuck to my macros. I miscarried about 2 months ago and although it was tough to get through, I have my energy back and have been more motivated than ever. I’m frustrated because nothing has changed in regards to my macros or workout regimen from before when I was making so much progress. If anything, I have gained some strength and notice lots of improvement in the gym. But I have rapidly put on almost 10 pounds and the scale is not moving. I have never been one to pay much attention to that number but my clothes are fitting tighter and I am not nearly as confident in my skin as before. Does anyone have any insight on why this might be?

I’m very sorry.

@ post-miscarriage weight gain. I don’t know. I would think that your hormones should normalize after a couple of months, particularly if your cycle has returned. I’d wonder about hypothyroidism. You’d think you’d have low energy though. Hmmm… Maybe still rule that out.

To clarify, you’ve been steadily gaining weight after. I’m not sure what week you were in when you miscarried, or how much weight you may have gained during the time you were pregnant. Outside of emotional eating which would be completely understandable, I don’t think weight gain like that, two months after, is normal. I’d want to talk about that with a physician.

Best of luck to you.

I’m a guy but I’ll echo powerpuff, see a physician and get your hormones checked. My wife miscarried twice (we’ve been there, and I know it sucks but keep moving forward), and around the same time had some other issues. Long story short, several months after the second miscarriage her HCG was at the level of a full term pregnancy still - again, other issues which were not really related, but that was part of the ‘cocktail’ keeping the weight on.

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I do know that low iodine intake leads to weight gain and there is an association with increased miscarriage. If you switch from iodized salt to sea salt or pink salt, that is a problem. When you were taking pre-natal vitamins, in most countries that is more iodine than a normal vitamin supplement and that should have been adequate. But afterwards your iodine intake drops.

If your oral body temperature is <97.7F in AM or cannot get to 98.6F mid-afternoon you have a problem. Thyroid lab ranges are very much too broad so most thyroid issues are considered “normal” by most doctors.