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Rapid Recovery Drink

Hey Testoserone dudes. I picked up a drink on my way out of the gym today made by a company called ‘Worldwide Bio-Engineered Beverages’ It’s called a Rapid Recovery fruit punch drink. Tastes great, but here’s what is in it. 35g of Whey protein, 15mg of Vanadyl Sulfate, and 10g of glycerol with L-Glutamine. I know what the protein and glutamine are, but I haven’t heard of vanadyl sulfate before. What’s it supposed to do, and is it very effective?

The downside to the drink is it costs $3.50. Has anyone had any experiences with these drinks, good or bad?

Where are the high GI carbs? You need these for “rapid recovery”. Vanadyl sulfate is an insulin mimicking agent and acts like insulin to drive the nutrients into the muscle faster, but since there are no carbs in the drink (glycerol doesn’t count), it is pretty much a waste. If you are going to cough up $3.50 for a post workout drink, it better be Surge.

On the bottle it states there are 25g of carbs from Maltodextrin. There’s also a little note that states while glycerin is in the drink, it has been removed from the Total Carb count, since it’s effects on blood sugar is negligable.

Well, I’m glad it does have carbs, but it seems like it contains stuff that is unnecessary for the post work out period like glycerol and vanadyl sulfate. Insulin is important in the post workout period to help create an anabolic environment and replenishing glycogen stores. I’d take my money elsewhere and use a product with some more carbs and less unnecessary stuff.