Rapid Hair Loss

This is really freaking me out. My hair is falling out very rapidly. I have an appointment with the doctor soon, but I thought I would ask here if someone has experienced anything similar. Simply running my hand through my hair over the sink results in about 5-10 hairs falling out. When I pull on my hair, I don’t just get one strand like normal, I get a clump of 10 or more. My hair is real dried out. What the hell is going on…? Thyroid problem maybe?

what kind of hair product do you use?, with what kind of shampoo do you wash your hair?

ever seen the movie “The Fly”?

For the past year or so I’ve used either Head and Shoulders Dandruff or something else that I can’t remember, St Ives Swiss Ives… something cheap. A few weeks ago when I noticed my hair looks dry and shitty all the time, so I went on Amazon and bought a 3-pack of American Crew and some condition of the same brand. But I’ve used the cheap stuff for a long time before, why now is it having an effect?

Is your diet in order? Any changes to it recently?

so is that really you in your avatar?

My diet is pretty good I think. I eat mostly lean meats, veggies, oily fish, lots and lots of nuts, eggs. I take about 4 caps of fish oil a day with a Beverly Int. Multi-Vit. I don’t suspect it’s diet.

My advice would be to develop a strong body and a good personality.

[quote]stockzy wrote:
My advice would be to develop a strong body and a good personality.



OP, that’s not meant to poke fun at you cause I know this sucks. I have thin hair up top which has to be kept short in order to look decent. However i’ve always known that if I start to go bald I would never wear my hair like that. I’ve shaved my head before and I don’t have an odd shaped head; it looks fine.

I’d look into that IF it comes down to it. It’s not that big a deal.
Millions of guys deal with this, unfortunately.

I use coconut oil to deep condition my hair. I have read that it strengthens hair as well as gets rid of dandruff.

I think you’re going through menopause…wait a minute…

DHT is running rampant on your head and this is why your hair is falling out. Use Nioxin Shampoo Cleanser, and Scalp therapy. It blocks the DHT conversion from Testosterone, and stops the loss effectively. It will not grow new hair, but it will help you keep what you have now.

I have used this stuff for a good 7 years, and I’d be a cueball if I had not started and kept using it.

Are you overly stressed out lately? Not about this of course, but at work and what not? If you’ve been sick recently or had some sort of major operation, that is a form of stress. That could be messing with the hormones in your body and could be a potential cause.

Another thing I was thinking, this could be a warning sign for some type of disease. I’ve heard diabetes may have symptoms like this. I’d definitely check with your doctor or a dermatologist and see what they say. You’ll probably need some type of blood test when you go.

do you work with radiation?

I do have a great deal of stress right now. My dad is very ill, work has been a real bitch, I might have a hernia in my groin, …

I work in the sun constantly, though I wear a hat most of the time. I read that if your hair falls out without the root (white tip at the end) then it’s hair breakage, not hair loss. All the hairs I’ve seen fall out are without the root. So hopefully that’s it. Last night I put a bunch of conditioner in it and let is soak for a few hours, then washed it out. Today it felt amazingly smooth and shiny, a big change from what it usually is. So maybe that’s all it needed.

Thanks Rockscar for the recommendation and thanks everyone else for the helpful info.